Sunday, 18 November 2007

It's Nearly CHRISTMAS.

Here I am, back from W.A. and yes, it's NEARLY christmas. YEAAAAA. While I was over there, Sarah and I found this really fabulous christmas shop, nothing but christmas over and over, just heaven. Needless to say, I spent much more than I should have (always do) but I did get a couple of really adorable ornaments ( a couple more than a couple actually), I bought these keys for Santa, you know, so he can get in the front door when you don't have a chimney. VERY IMPORTANT! And I bought..... well perhaps I'd better not tell. But anyway, I had a really good time. It was super good to see the terrible 4 again, miss them again already.

Of course I took a zillion photo's so lot's of work to be done with them. These are some of the photo's I took at Perth Zoo, we gave the girls the day off school and took them all to the zoo on the Friday I was there, Emily was amazed at the lizard shedding his skin, it did make for a couple of awesome photo's I must admit. Of course, lots more zoo pics to com, we have the elephants, giraffe, rhino, monkeys and on and on, thats not even touching on the ones of the monkeys we took with us!

This one was a photo I took of Sam & Eddie in the lounge room, I thought that it was just so cute but I wanted to have just them not the bookcase, and lounge walls etc. so I took them out and put them somewhere else, cool hey?

They really are good friends most of the time, but like all sisters they have their good and bad days.

The weather was warm to hot over the week and thankfully, I brought it back with me. Martha is off to have her first grooming session tomorrow, that should be very interesting since she hides under the lounge if I as much as bring her brush out, but she has forget me not seeds all over her and now I know why they call them forget-me-nots.

Thursday, 1 November 2007

Just wanted to put these two photo's up before I went away, I really should be sorting out some clothes to take and catching up with washing etc. but who wants to do housework anyway.

....and men go down to the sea....

I like this one, it's hard to believe that it's nearly 20 years since the photo was taken though.

'That Smile'

Don't you just love it, taken about 18 month ago I think, certainly before she went to school. She was hiding behind her dad and I just caught her peeking out.

Sunday, 28 October 2007

Here I am again. I'm feeling much better today than I did on Friday, just hits like a bolt of lightning sometimes. I did the layout on Friday night because I was feeling down and I felt much better after I did it, the hardest part was posting it here, but I did.

I did this next one of Josh the other day, the photo was taken on John's birthday in March. I don't get many of Josh, he's a little camera shy sometimes, but I think the guitar brings out the extrovert in him, whatever, the photo's are good ones, so here it is -

Rock on Josh.........

Only a week now until I go to W.A., can't wait to see everyone again, I'm looking forward to picking the girls up from school (love that job!), walking on the beach, shopping at Freemantle markets, picking the girls up from school, building sandcastles with Matthew etc. etc.
I'm hoping to get some good photo's on my morning beach walks, that's the only good thing about the time difference. It takes me a week to get used to it, in the meantime I'm up early (we're talking 4-5am) so beach walking it is. Then when I come back it will nearly be Caitlin's birthday - Woo Hoo, THEN it's nearly Christmas, I love Christmas in case you didn't know.
Have to go and cook a chook, I've been really slack the last few days and have hardly cooked at all, thank goodness for the freezer, so tonight it's roast and veg, with some gravy I think, YUM. Oh yes, I planted some more vegies yesterday, just have to keep my fingers crossed that there are no rogue frosts around. I really don't want to lose anymore.

Saturday, 20 October 2007

It's Saturday already!!!!

Here we go again, can't believe its .... Saturday... already. I could say 'my doesn't time fly' and that would lead me straight into my new digital layouts......ta daaa. One of Sam that I did a few days ago and one of Caitlin that I finished last night, as you can see, between the time I did Sam's and doing the one of Caitlin, I learnt some new techniques, I just get cleverer every day...........
So this one is obviously Sam (it even says so) and I was just playing around with some new wing brushes from and I thought that the girls would enjoy being fairies for a little while and of course the obligatory colour for any self respecting fairy is pink or purple, so here we have it. I was very proud of myself doing this one, I like that its simple. Then I did one for Caitlin, I've uploaded it once but I seem to have lost it so I'll have to do it again, if it comes up twice, you'll know why.

Got it this time, you can see that I am addicted to pink fairies, I found this one in my garden, the one above was at the beach, maybe she should have been a mermaid, have to think about that. Anyway, I learnt a lot doing this one for Caitlin, lots of pretty sparkly fairy dust hanging around, she did say that she loved it when I emailed it to her, thank you possum.

I haven't finished yet, I have been really hooked all week. I did this layout of Ryan and Caitlin with some photo's I took on the same day as Caitlins fairy one. I just love that I can do all this and not use a single piece of paper, although I woke up one night and thought - 'do they really exist' - if I can't hold it in my hand and I can't see it without a computer, does it REALLY exist?
So to satisfy my desire to be able to hold them in my hand, I bought an 8" X 8" album. I can print the page at home, put it in an album and look at them even if I don't turn on the computer. I feel much better about it now!!!!!!
So here it is,
do you remember these photo's guys, we must have had some water that year, the plants are all GREEN. The next one is 'the boy' himself, or to put it into his own words and I quote " The Good Looking One" "The Handsome One" "The Best and Cleverest" unquote. Hey Ryan!

So here we have:

Dave was telling me that Josh is playing cricket now, so I will have to get some action shots of him, bet it's easier than trying to keep the soccer ball in the lens!!

Did some planting in the veggie garden this morning, I have decided that I have to get out there early or I just end up in front of the computer all day. Planted some carrots, spring onion, baby beets and corn, I've decided not to plant any more tomatoes out until I get back from Perth, the frosts should be well and truly over by then. I will just have to put them in pots on the verandah in the meanwhile. Well, it's time I got back to my photo's, but before I do, I have one last layout to upload, check this one out you two. God, sometimes I feel OLD.

Sunday, 14 October 2007

I can't believe it's Sunday night again. Bit of a lazy old day today, I split some firewood yesterday so I didn't have to do that today. Mind you I only do it because I LIKE doing it, there is something very satisfying about hitting a block of wood as hard as you can and hearing it split in half, well there is for me anyway! Anyway I did get another layout done, it really is so addictive this digital scrapbooking.

I am quite pleased with this one, if anyone is interested, I made this one with digi stuff from The next one is of Dad on his Birthday last March, when I get to 80, I hope I look as good as he does.

Not bad hey?

Well, I might go and make something to eat, getting a bit peckish, I don't think himself will be working tomorrow, so I don't have to cook. Cool.

I think we are going to buy a greenhouse, (just changing the subject slightly) the water tank that we bought a couple of weeks ago has a little wet stuff in it, but not enough yet. Wishing for lots more rain before spring is over. We want to be able to get an early start on growing the vegies, so hence the greenhouse, I lost all my tomatoes last week to the worst frost of the year. I should have known better, I only planted them 2 days before. Oh well, you get that. Now I am definitely going to get something to eat, even the dogs have had their meal and have gone back to sleep, talk about hard yacka!!

Friday, 12 October 2007

Hello it's me here!

Well, here I am, sat here wondering what to write. I wanted some place to put my digital scrapbooking layouts and photo's so that everyone could see them. Since cleaning out my workroom (finally) it's much easier to see exactly what's in there (a lot of stuff), I have been doing a lot of digital stuff and you sort of wonder how to show everyone, well here we are. So I can post the layouts as soon as I have finished them and at least (hopefully) get some feedback. I also want to post new photos so that those of you in a different state ( Hi kids) will be able to check in and see what I'm up to. Of course, I did say that everyone was talking and doing this 'blogging' thing, so I had to see what it was all about. Even though I have been using a computer for at least 16 years, the thought of writing down thoughts was a bit off putting, but then I figured it was no different from sending email, just that I don't know who will read it. Oh well, if I make a fool of myself, only I know who I am.... and the kids and family and parents and friends, what the hell, just do it!!

These are digital layouts that I have done this last week or so.

I have some more to post, but it's taken 2 days to upload these, some glitch or other.
It's already Saturday, yesterday the weather was aweful, we ran the whole gamut of spring in Melbourne, sun, rain, hail, snow, sun again and freezing, today is better but still cold.


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