Friday, 12 October 2007

Hello it's me here!

Well, here I am, sat here wondering what to write. I wanted some place to put my digital scrapbooking layouts and photo's so that everyone could see them. Since cleaning out my workroom (finally) it's much easier to see exactly what's in there (a lot of stuff), I have been doing a lot of digital stuff and you sort of wonder how to show everyone, well here we are. So I can post the layouts as soon as I have finished them and at least (hopefully) get some feedback. I also want to post new photos so that those of you in a different state ( Hi kids) will be able to check in and see what I'm up to. Of course, I did say that everyone was talking and doing this 'blogging' thing, so I had to see what it was all about. Even though I have been using a computer for at least 16 years, the thought of writing down thoughts was a bit off putting, but then I figured it was no different from sending email, just that I don't know who will read it. Oh well, if I make a fool of myself, only I know who I am.... and the kids and family and parents and friends, what the hell, just do it!!

These are digital layouts that I have done this last week or so.

I have some more to post, but it's taken 2 days to upload these, some glitch or other.
It's already Saturday, yesterday the weather was aweful, we ran the whole gamut of spring in Melbourne, sun, rain, hail, snow, sun again and freezing, today is better but still cold.

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dovey said...

well I figured I better leave a comment - these are pretty cool actually! But I am biased and really like the Warnbro (Waikiki) beach layout.....and seeing as I had to sign up and find a username, you will forever know me as DOVEY!!!! xxxx ( i will show Sam this when she gets back from her friend's house and she will be very impressed that her Nana has figured out something that her mother hasn't!)


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