Sunday, 28 October 2007

Here I am again. I'm feeling much better today than I did on Friday, just hits like a bolt of lightning sometimes. I did the layout on Friday night because I was feeling down and I felt much better after I did it, the hardest part was posting it here, but I did.

I did this next one of Josh the other day, the photo was taken on John's birthday in March. I don't get many of Josh, he's a little camera shy sometimes, but I think the guitar brings out the extrovert in him, whatever, the photo's are good ones, so here it is -

Rock on Josh.........

Only a week now until I go to W.A., can't wait to see everyone again, I'm looking forward to picking the girls up from school (love that job!), walking on the beach, shopping at Freemantle markets, picking the girls up from school, building sandcastles with Matthew etc. etc.
I'm hoping to get some good photo's on my morning beach walks, that's the only good thing about the time difference. It takes me a week to get used to it, in the meantime I'm up early (we're talking 4-5am) so beach walking it is. Then when I come back it will nearly be Caitlin's birthday - Woo Hoo, THEN it's nearly Christmas, I love Christmas in case you didn't know.
Have to go and cook a chook, I've been really slack the last few days and have hardly cooked at all, thank goodness for the freezer, so tonight it's roast and veg, with some gravy I think, YUM. Oh yes, I planted some more vegies yesterday, just have to keep my fingers crossed that there are no rogue frosts around. I really don't want to lose anymore.

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