Sunday, 14 October 2007

I can't believe it's Sunday night again. Bit of a lazy old day today, I split some firewood yesterday so I didn't have to do that today. Mind you I only do it because I LIKE doing it, there is something very satisfying about hitting a block of wood as hard as you can and hearing it split in half, well there is for me anyway! Anyway I did get another layout done, it really is so addictive this digital scrapbooking.

I am quite pleased with this one, if anyone is interested, I made this one with digi stuff from The next one is of Dad on his Birthday last March, when I get to 80, I hope I look as good as he does.

Not bad hey?

Well, I might go and make something to eat, getting a bit peckish, I don't think himself will be working tomorrow, so I don't have to cook. Cool.

I think we are going to buy a greenhouse, (just changing the subject slightly) the water tank that we bought a couple of weeks ago has a little wet stuff in it, but not enough yet. Wishing for lots more rain before spring is over. We want to be able to get an early start on growing the vegies, so hence the greenhouse, I lost all my tomatoes last week to the worst frost of the year. I should have known better, I only planted them 2 days before. Oh well, you get that. Now I am definitely going to get something to eat, even the dogs have had their meal and have gone back to sleep, talk about hard yacka!!

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Jen said...

Hello My Dear Friend,
Have just come back from a week in Merimbula with Mum and got your email.
You have a very creative eye my dear. Congratulations...
I hope to be in touch soon, but in the meantime...well done Lizzie!
Have to go hang my washing out now...


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