Sunday, 18 November 2007

It's Nearly CHRISTMAS.

Here I am, back from W.A. and yes, it's NEARLY christmas. YEAAAAA. While I was over there, Sarah and I found this really fabulous christmas shop, nothing but christmas over and over, just heaven. Needless to say, I spent much more than I should have (always do) but I did get a couple of really adorable ornaments ( a couple more than a couple actually), I bought these keys for Santa, you know, so he can get in the front door when you don't have a chimney. VERY IMPORTANT! And I bought..... well perhaps I'd better not tell. But anyway, I had a really good time. It was super good to see the terrible 4 again, miss them again already.

Of course I took a zillion photo's so lot's of work to be done with them. These are some of the photo's I took at Perth Zoo, we gave the girls the day off school and took them all to the zoo on the Friday I was there, Emily was amazed at the lizard shedding his skin, it did make for a couple of awesome photo's I must admit. Of course, lots more zoo pics to com, we have the elephants, giraffe, rhino, monkeys and on and on, thats not even touching on the ones of the monkeys we took with us!

This one was a photo I took of Sam & Eddie in the lounge room, I thought that it was just so cute but I wanted to have just them not the bookcase, and lounge walls etc. so I took them out and put them somewhere else, cool hey?

They really are good friends most of the time, but like all sisters they have their good and bad days.

The weather was warm to hot over the week and thankfully, I brought it back with me. Martha is off to have her first grooming session tomorrow, that should be very interesting since she hides under the lounge if I as much as bring her brush out, but she has forget me not seeds all over her and now I know why they call them forget-me-nots.

Thursday, 1 November 2007

Just wanted to put these two photo's up before I went away, I really should be sorting out some clothes to take and catching up with washing etc. but who wants to do housework anyway.

....and men go down to the sea....

I like this one, it's hard to believe that it's nearly 20 years since the photo was taken though.

'That Smile'

Don't you just love it, taken about 18 month ago I think, certainly before she went to school. She was hiding behind her dad and I just caught her peeking out.


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