Tuesday, 31 March 2009

I'm back!!!

Hard to believe that it's been so long since I wrote on here. It's nearly a year since we did our drive across the Nullabor, no wonder I feel the need for another holiday!!

Anyway, not a lot has happened, life is slow now for me. John still drives down to Melbourne every day to work and every year he says "I'll retire in ten years", it was ten years two years ago! Still, he's happy doing what he does, the thought of stopping at the moment is alien to him and while he is fit, able and healthy, he may as well do what he wants.

I haven't been scrapping much at all in the last year, but the good news is that I have picked up my quilting needle again. The change in fashion over the last few years has really made a difference when it comes to fabric. It would have to be five years ago that I did my last quilting and packed my needles, threads, fabric, hoops and frames away, things had just got stale for me so a change was needed, hence the scrap booking. The UFOs were packed away in a trunk to be finished 'one day'.

I made a trip to my local quilting store a couple of weeks ago for inspiration, I walked around the shop in a daze, where did all these wonderful bright, vibrant, alive colours come from. Now I have sorted my stash of fabric that had been packed away and of course - I need more!!! Especially all these fabulous new Jelly Rolls, Turnovers and Layer Cakes......................the possibilities are endless, my imagination runs riot and won't settle on any one theme or pattern. I feel like a child in a new toy shop, which will I have this time? The choice is just so hard.

Just as well that he won't retire for another 'ten years'!


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