Sunday, 19 April 2009

Autumn roses....

This morning we had a little (1mm) rain, not much I know, but enough to wash the dust off the Boston Ivy and make it sparkle. Which is why it caught my eye when I went out to take some photo's of the last couple of buds on Julia's Rose. The ivy, along with the oaks are usually the last to show their Autumn glory in our garden, although the birches are a lovely golden yellow still. The maples have finished and have spread their russet hues over the ground, the willows just tend to drop their leaves without much fanfare, a good wind for a couple of days in late April, early May and they are bare, left standing naked waiting for their verdant fuzz in Spring.

This is what caught my eye early this morning. Julia's Rose, once again showing how beautiful she really is. A perfect curled bud bathed in tiny diamonds of moisture, how can anyone not like this Queen of flowers?
The colours are just superb, washed with the early morning shower.

Against the deep russet back drop of 'Sedum Autumn Joy'.

What a perfect way to start a lazy Sunday. I hope your day is coloured as beautifully as mine is today.

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Lurline said...

Gorgeous roses - I'm out to spray mine again soon! A couple are looking quite sick!
Hugs - Lurline♥


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