Friday, 24 April 2009

Note books

Sooooo, you will have to read backwards now, the overlord (computer gremlin) has dictated that this must come first, so you get to see the finished article THEN read the beginning!!
Not to worry, so this is the diary cover I made for the lovely Eden's birthday next weekend, as you can see, I changed the binding to the dotty orange one, I think it looks much better.

If you look at the bottom of the book you can see that I have put a bookmark in for her, I made it from some white twill tape stitched to the back of the cover. Then I stitched the other end onto a metal 'giggle' charm left over from scrapbooking days, stitched a fabric daisy on and slipped a little note from me to her in the pocket and it's done. Now I just have to go out and find the other stuff!!

This notebook I made for my very dear friend Jenny, who from her self description is a 'baby catcher', (midwife) anyway, at 6am on Sunday morning she will be on board a plane bound for Papua New Guinea. She is going to do volunteer work in a small remote hospital 'catching babies' for three weeks. My admiration for her knows no bounds, she is a wonderful, charming, loving, generous, warm and very loved person (even though she doesn't sew AT all). The women of Papua New Guinea are very, very lucky to have her. Take care my special friend.

Oh yes, it's so she can jot notes about her wonderful adventure!!


Fiona said...

Lizzie they are both lovely. I am sure that Eden will love hers and your friend will treasure it.

Angela said...

I have two 11-year-old daughters, and I bet they would LOVE a journal like that! As a matter of fact, I bet my son would too, for his drawings! Great ideas!

Sandra @ Pepperberry and Co. said...

Who would ever need anything from a shop if their nana made them something that precious? It's just delightful. I absolutely adore the design of the one for Jenny. It's so professionally made! I can't wait to hear about her journey in PNG. xx

Karen said...

So cute!

Janet said...

I neeed this pattern, I've been eyeing it up ever since it came out. I'm going to have to get one, you did such a lovely job that you've spurred me on to get it.


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