Thursday, 2 April 2009

A House in the Country

I thought that I would show you some pictures of my home and life. There might be a couple of
people out there who are interested! Stranger things have happened!

This is the view from the back verandah, being typical rural Australia, we never use the front door, in fact the other week someone did knock on the front door and we had to move dogs beds and toys to even open it!!

As you can see our Indian Summer continues, but not for long I feel, tomorrow we might be really, really lucky and get some rain.... fingers crossed.

This is my beautiful kitchen or part of it anyway, all our own work. When we moved here we gutted three rooms and turned them into the kitchen and dining room and now it really is the 'heart' of our home. Wonderfully comforting when the wood stove (you can't see it, but it's in the fireplace on the left of the photo) is roaring, soup is bubbling and snow is falling. The snow bit only happens two or three times a winter but the rest of winter is freezing here anyway.

Another view of the kitchen, if you look at the sink in the first shot, this photo is taken from there.

The 'children' or the only ones we have left at home now. Gus, the elderly gentleman, spends most of his days sleeping but has short, very rapid bursts of energy, to chase the feral cat that hangs around. Martha, our two-year-old Shitzu X Poodle, who has boundless energy but will just sit with him quietly (sometimes) and always waits for him to come and play outside.

This is a moment in time in 'my day', most days this is where I live. Sometimes, as in today, I have to go shop, food would have to be another consuming passion (pardon the pun) and I quite enjoy the supermarket thing. Then I had to plant the garlic cloves that were sprouting in the basket (hopefully the rain will eventuate) and now I get to play, yummy!

UFOs, I will get to them..............soon!

Don't you just love that, just having fabric stacked ready to go, it's just so comforting. I think it must be a primitive thing, the same with a pantry full of food, it makes you feel safe and sheltered and ready for anything..........flood, famine, pestilance, plague, war..........well you get the picture!!

And the last picture - the view from the window where now I sit..............................

..........sometimes I wonder how I manage to get anything done.


Karen said...

Just love your kitchen and back veranda. Also, your furry friends! :)

Kim said...

Your kitchen is just perfect! I know what you mean by wondering how you get anything done at all - the outdoors are hypnotic, especially when there is a pretty garden to admire.

martine said...

I adore your kitchen.
So cosy to spend manby hours with family and friends.

ozjane said...

Love the tour of the house and owners....just wanted to stroke that lovely silky coat.
Also love the garden view.
You must have access to more water than we have....approx 25 mins from Melb. Has been a really hard year and so wonderful to have the rain now.

Mad Quilter Maddy said...

I am always interested where you wonderful people live and your surroundings. Gives me a some insight into your craft world. Really like your kitchen.


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