Thursday, 9 April 2009

I'm Impressed................

..........with how much hand quilting I've done this week! OK, so it's not a world record or anything, but compared to the last few years it's huge. I'm certainly not the best quilter around, I do have a problem now with my fingers, they seem to be ageing much quicker than the rest of me so gripping a tiny quilting needle has become somewhat of a challenge. I wonder if they have invented a knuckle replacement yet? My hip one works beautifully!
So this is actually from the bottom edge of the quilt, no I didn't break a golden rule and start at the bottom.....well I did actually! To explain, in 1999 my wonderful husband (he who earns the money for my quilting) made me a quilting frame from plans I bought from America, can't remember where now. Anyway, I now had a beautiful frame with three rollers and wonderful tension ratchet thingies, so no more basting, and I could quilt to my hearts content. At the time we were living in rather a large house as that was the end of the 'children leaving home' decade. You guessed it, it 2001 we moved into............. ta da.............. a smaller house, this one in fact and even though I have this huge kitchen/dining area, our living and bedrooms are small. Just not enough room to leave a frame up and running. So this quilt was in the frame and started when I had my small 'pause' from quilting, it stayed on the rollers wrapped in a sheet for all this time. Perfect storage really, no creases, pins or nasties. As a result I have had to quilt from the bottom, it was that or unpick!!!

I just love looking at the stitches of hand quilting, soft gentle shadows and little furrows and hills that bring a flat surface to life. Don't get me wrong, if I could machine quilt well, I would, often,but I just can't seem to get it right. I envy all you lovely ladies who can churn out your quilts on the machine AND make them look oh so wonderful. My efforts at machine quilting look like a nest of ants have wandered over, making little stitches where ever they please, with little detours all over the place!!
Anyway, I just thought I would share my progress with you and to tell you how proud of myself I am. :-) *** three stars for me.

This morning, those who rule the house, decided it was just a tad too chilly and foggy to get out of bed. He who has to go to work, is on early shifts this week, and today he had to get out of bed at 2.30am to run the first train into Melbourne. I was up at 5 (don't ask, I've no idea why I was awake at that ridiculous hour), obviously they decided that bed was the best place to be. Martha was keeping Dads side of the bed warm, just in case he should come back soon and need it and Gus had claimed the lounge under the window in the dining room, there they stayed, in their respective warm and cosy hollows until about 8.30!

He sleeps so sound now that you practically have to shake him to wake him up, we do it every now and then when he gives us a fright, a quick prod with a finger to make sure he's still with us.


Kim said...

Completely wonderful hand quilting! I love to do quilting by hand, but now I have decided that I need to learn to machine quilt as well - I have little to show for my idea, lol, but happy to see that you unrolled your quilt and got back to it. Did you make a Hinterberg frame by any chance? My hubby made the one that you can see (I think) posted in last years section of my blog. It's really not all that difficult to disassemble for under the bed storage. Also, I can tilt the entire frame down to store when I leave my quilting for the day so it can share our living room when we downsize. Not too much longer for that - what WILL I do??

Kim said...

PS: Isn't it just like a dog to take advantage of the best sleeping hours of the day? Such good company they must be, even while asleep.

ozjane said...

Our animals are not at all stupid.
Moggie is already in bed, waiting for me to

Congratulations on the quilting.
Great work.

Molly said...

I'm a total dunce at machine quilting, but love to hand quilt. I can manage quilting in the ditch on the machine, but that's so hard on the shoulders. Hand quilting is so much calmer and more relaxing, and when I get down to it [when I can't procrastinate any more!} I am always surprised at how much I get done


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