Friday, 24 April 2009

Looks like Winter's nearly here....

Looks like my lovely Silver Birch tree outside my workroom window will be standing bare in a couple of days. The promised cold change is just about here, our beautiful 'Indian Summer' is over, it could be really time to start pulling out the woollies and hopefully the gum boots. It's soooo long since we had any good old MUD!! We have had about 2mm of rain this morning with the promise? of more to come. The wind is quite strong but still blowing from the North West so it's still reasonable mild, boy do we know it up here in the Central Highlands when it turns round to the South. It whistles straight from Antartica, whips around Tassie and runs it's icy fingers right around us.

Oh the joy of soups and open fires, toasting toes in front of flames, curling under winter blankets, watching to see if it's going to snow!!

Ok, that's enough of that, what month is Summer again???


Sandra @ Pepperberry and Co. said...

Ooh, I love winter. It's my absolutely favourite season- there's nothing as good as snuggling up in a blanket! I also love silver birches- I'm planning on planting many in my lifetime. And finally, I love your 'this many days until Christmas' button. Generally, there's lots of love!! :-)

Kim said...

Awk!! We are just coming out of winter - still spots of snow on the ground here in Minnesota. Not a big fan of our subzero days and snow - tons of snow - arghhhhh!! Winter is a lot of work here and it lasts for six months.

Whew, lost myself there for a moment, lol, Spring is here and it is a Joy!

Anne-Lise said...

Hi. Your post made me jump - and then I realised! I love autumn, though. Beautiful colours, crisp air, the wind howling while I'm indoors with a warm fire. I'm usually quite productive in the autumn. It culminates with Christmas and then I hate the rest of the winter and just long for spring again. And now it's here, the biches in my garden have just got their tiny green lacy leaves.

Bernadette said...

I have three silver birch, they are lovely trees! My autumn roses are very pretty at the moment too although past their prime. I wonder if we will get some snow flurries on Sunday?


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