Saturday, 18 April 2009

Queensland Meter Maids....

I just wanted to share this with you, my nearly 13 year-old grandson on holiday at the Gold Coast. Do you think he's found the delights of the Meter Maids!

For those non aussies, the meter maids on the Gold Coast in Queensland, wander around putting money in the parking meters. The local council funds them with 'donations' for photo's with the 'maids'. It used to be a gold coin donation, but my daughter tell us it's now a $5 'donation'. Still, judging by the grin on his face, well worth the $5. They just grow up so quickly!!


It's A Wonderful said...

How cute! Those boys, they're so much fun! Wow, our meter maids don't look anything like yours...ours have unibrows, wearing "sensible" shoes, sporting severe looks.

Kim said...

We don't even refer to them as Meter Maids any longer - they are now Parking Officers and they don't pose for photos - too busy having vehicles towed and writing up parking tickets!! You all have far more fun over there...this photo should be tucked in your grandson's scrap book so he can show it to his children some day. Boys!!


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