Wednesday, 1 April 2009

So, I have spent the morning 'playing' with my blog settings and thanks to the very talented people at 'The Cutest Blog On The Block' my page looks much, much better than it did and gives me great inspiration to actually write!!
This is part of my 'memory wall'. Mum has mild Alzheimer's, so in my endeavour to keep my memory intact for as long as humanly possibly I have used all one wall and all the doors in my work room. Any thing that I feel is beautiful, precious or just plain quirky ends up somewhere on the wall or door. It also, I hope, serves as inspiration to actually finish something for one of the 'precious' people up on the wall. Like the quilt for Caitlin that has been a UFO for at least six years, it's pieced and sandwiched, just needs to be quilted!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I have to learn to use professional quilters I think. I've never machine quilted, it's always been too hard and I just love to hand quilt, but I think if I don't start getting them quilted somewhere, they will never get finished.

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Banaghaisge said...

ah - thanks for the hint about cutest blog on the block, I went huntin' and found them (you should put a link for them...). I'll start looking at them tomorrow =- now I have to go and make a quilt (hopefully).
I spent a while looking for photos of Southern Cross Station and the old Spencer St one to blog about next. Not many old pics (wonder why?????). Thank you for your comments.
Glad you are blogging again, too. Your house looks lovely in the snow. Where are you? (Newstead here).


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