Tuesday, 7 April 2009

Today I thought I would do a bit of a tidy up here in my workroom, make a little room in case I happen to need extra space for any little things I might pick up!! So thought that I would go through my stack of quilt magazines, well of course, that was the end of the tidy part. I decided to once again sort them into years, titles etc., what a mess it makes. Then I found my very first quilt magazine that I ever bought and suddenly realised exactly how long I have had a passion for patchwork & quilting. My youngest son would have been just turning 18 months when I bought this little beauty.............and he was 31 in February this year!!
Of course back then, all we Australians could buy were American publications and the frustration of trying to source fabric and equipment was enough to put you off trying to make a patchwork quilt at all (no online shopping then ladies). Still I must have persisted 'cos I'm still here today...............doing quilting.

Just look at he price, that's obviously not the price that I paid for it, but I can't see that I would have paid a lot more, we had 4 children under 7 at the time, so money would have been tight. I must have lent this to someone and the only way to make sure it came home was to put my name on it (worked though).

These are the only pages in colour all the rest are black & white.

$3 for a years subcription!

Thankfully, we now have our own excellent publications as well as the American magazines, and thanks in main to the internet we can buy anything that our American quilting sisters can buy................and...................we get to chat with one another, how good is that I ask???

We've come a long way girls.


Julie said...

hi there!
thanks for visiting my blog.
happy stitching,
julie :)


Hi Lizzy--I do have to kinda laugh at your post today--cause now the tables have been "turned" as far as i am concerned--i do not care for my "American" quilt magazines and much prefer the AU's ones, and they are not so easy to get over here and when we do get them we are 2 issues/months behind--but I love them just the same--I just found a US source for the Homespun Mag and I like it as well--my favorite one is usually, "country threads", until I found the Homespun one. I forgot to tell you i like your new "look". Just, Di in New York

Fiona said...

I love looking at old publications - They can be so inspiring - I have very much enjoyed reading through your blog and I will certainly be a regular visitor :)

Hugs - Fiona


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