Tuesday, 26 May 2009

Mail for me today........

Look what was waiting for me at the Post Office today.................my lovely pattern that I won on Cheryl's 'Bluebird of elegant song' giveaway the other week, it really is so sweet and just by the way, so is Cheryl.........

.........look at what she sent me in with the pattern! Aren't they just adorable tied up with lovely French ribbon to match.

Just how lucky am I?

Thank you so much Cheryl, can't wait to stitch it, but I have to be good and not start anything new................yet!!

Monday, 25 May 2009

It's raining, it's pouring.......

....you don't hear kids singing that anymore do you? When we were kids we used to chant (it certainly couldn't be classed in any way as singing) that rhyme in the rain::
It's raining, it's pouring, the old man is snoring, bumped his head in the middle of the bed and couldn't get up in the morning.!!
I don't suppose we ever thought about why the poor man couldn't get up the next morning. That's not the way you think as a kid is it?

The other one was::
Rain, rain go away, come again another day!!
I don't think any fun loving child could get away with that one today?
Anyway, enough childishness, yes it is raining, quite heavily actually. I think we've had about 5mm which is wonderful.
I'm supposed to be sorting out clothes to take with me to Perth, I suppose the only reason that you wouldn't know that I was off to see our youngest daughter and her family in Perth, was if you had been off planet for a couple of weeks! Not that I'm overly excited you understand. The problem is that I can't fit any clothes into my suitcase, it seems to be full of - well - things! You know, toys for Matthew and things to do with the girls, a lovely felted bag that I found in a shop in Daylesford for Sarah, some stitching to do in front of the telly with the girls. Oh and some extra fabric and floss, I thought I might teach the two eldest how to do a little stitchery!! I haven't packed any wool and needles, I thought we might take a trip to Spotlight at Rockingham for that, if we decide to knit or crochet. So what I've done is take all the things I've bought for them out of the bulky packaging, Matthew will be a bit puzzled, when you're only 4 big boxes are good! That's made a bit more room and luckily I'm going to warmer climes, so I can take t shirts instead of jumpers. I know all you West Australians are saying it's turned cold, but where I am it's only 11 degrees right now, so days in the high teens/low 20s will be perfect for short sleeves!!

So while I was putting things to one side to put in my carry on luggage, a bit of sewing to do at the airport (with only one needle in case they won't let me take it on the plane), book to read etc. I was gathering all my techno toys together -

laptop and case - check

camera's and case - check

DS and case - check ( I need the brain training!!)

iPod and ??

I realised that I don't have anything to put my iPod in and more importantly my earphones. I hate them just floating around in my handbag, and I do love to listen to my audio books on the flight.

So good excuse to make something to slip them into but it has to be quick, I've got a zillion things to do (as you do when you're leaving a man at home on his own for a week) before tomorrow night.

I had this bit of stitching sat in a baggie for anothe project that I obviously hadn't got around to so I added some batting and lining.................
.........rapid stitched a pocket with a padding of Pellon......

.............binding right around, rounding the corners for quickness...........

................and there you go. I should have stitched down the middle of the pocket before I put it all together, to make it two pockets, but it does the job fine! It's only going to be in my handbag and it folds over quite nicely. Basically it's just to stop the thing getting scratched.
Better go make that Shepherds Pie, some for tonight and some in the freezer for the weekend for he who works!

Friday, 22 May 2009


Today I sandwiched Sam's quilt ready for quilting. I had had thoughts of trying to machine quilt the centre and then hand quilting select parts. I had it spread on top of the bed as the dogs had been hassling me, just thinking this lovely pinky thing was just right to sit on while Mum's trying to fiddle around on the floor (not to mention all the doggie kisses and cuddles)!
So it was while I was walking around pulling, tugging, touching and generally admiring that I had my 'awakening'. It was more of a light bulb pop moment really, not an idea but a realisation - an awakening!! I suddenly realised that I didn't want to quilt this on the machine, nor did I want to send it of for someone else to stitch it. This was the part that I had been working towards, this was the culmination, this was where it 'came together'. This was the part that I loved the best!!
I had been seduced by the prospect of a quick finish and perfect even stitches. When I first started to quilt, it was the American way. All those books told me that my stitches had to be tiny and even, not to mention straight lines and even spaces!! I suddenly realised that that's why I had stopped quilting, because my expectations for myself were way too high. I couldn't do those tiny even stitches and I couldn't machine quilt. I wasn't very good at this!!
Well actually I can, but I don't want to and I am quite good at this.
I've always loved the soft gentle look of hand quilting. Don't get me wrong, I still look at all you ladies that can machine quilt and I turn a gentle shade of shrek. I love it, it's amazing - when someone else has done it!! So this afternoon, whilst walking around touching Sam's quilt, I realised why I always say I'm a quilter as opposed to saying I do patchwork - it's the gentle rock of the needle, the soft tug of the thread, the sound the thread makes as it pulls through the layers, the snip of the tiny scissors and the thrum of the quilt in a frame. These are the things I love and these are the things that make a quilt for me!

So no longer am I going to yearn for tiny, even stitches. Not for me the precise spaces and lines. I will never be a prize winning quilter, but you know what, I love what I do. I love the finished piece with uneven spacing and little wiggles in my lines. No more will I unpick because one triangle is slightly off. That's what makes my quilts mine!!

I am inordinately pleased with this quilt, the colours were out of my comfort zone and the I thought the squares would be just too plain, but I love it. So to celebrate my new found quilting freedom....................

................ I just had to put the first stitches in and look..................

they're not even.............

Wednesday, 20 May 2009

Bragging Rights.........

A couple of weeks ago I was extolling the achievements of our eldest daughter as she graduated with her Bachelor of Education, so today I thought that I would tell the world (well this part of it) about our talented youngest daughter.
First I will show you the Cd cover I made for the photographs of her artworks that she was submitting to an art magazine. I created it in Photoshop 7 and used four of her canvases.
This is a digital scrapbook page from a few years (maybe three) ago. She does put her heart and soul into her art and with four young children, it's not always easy to find the 'me' time. I am proud to say that I did bring her up with the knowledge that the dust will still be there tomorrow, but the creative thought might not!!

I can't tell you the title of all the works, but I can tell you that these are a very small sample of her excellent work.

I know since the last time I was over there (in Western Australia) she has gone in a different direction again.

I know the title of this because it hangs in my house along with...

This would have to be my all time favourite - until I see her newest next week!!

It's a Swap....

This morning I drove down to the Post Office to put my parcels for Paula and Ngaire for the Kitchen Swap in the big red truck (well leave them with Monica the post lady actually) and waiting for me was my parcel from Ngaire.
So it was in all sense of the word a SWAP. I gave Monica a box for Ngaire and she gave me one from Ngaire! I like that symmetry.

So this is what my box full of goodies looked like before I ripped off all the wrapping, well I did save the ribbon of course, so pretty.

And this is what was hiding inside all that lovely wrapping. A cute rooster blackboard to hang, mini rolling pin, tiny masher, little pastry brush, two tea infusers, a teabag holder, mini cup cake paper cups, a lovely tea towel, Twinings Tea and chocolate, oh and a lovely hand made card from Ngaire. Thank you so much Ngaire, I love them all. I see you are a fan of 'Provincial' too! Hope you enjoy your goodies as much as I love these.

Tuesday, 19 May 2009

Swaps Away.....

I love parcels - even if they're not mine I love them. There's something mysterious and lovely about a parcel. Julie Andrew's was on the right track when she sang that they were among her favorite things!
Well, the parcels above are off to Paula here, Paula is one of my partners for the Kitchen Swap.............

...........my other partner is Ngaire and the parcels above are destined for her kitchen.
I hope they both enjoy their goodies for their kitchens, I've had a lot of fun searching out things I thought they would like. I wanted to get these off in good time to make sure they arrived nice and early. So tomorrow morning they will be safely tucked away inside a big red post truck and I can start planning what goodies are going in my suitcases for four monsters!!

Sunday, 17 May 2009

Sam's Quilt.....

Do you remember a few weeks ago I bought this fabric to make our eldest granddaughter a new quilt. Well this is where I'm at!
I cut all the fat quarters into squares, joined them together randomly and then cut out these daisy shapes. I have stitched them on where ever they landed so to speak, when it's been quilted I will put bright yellow yo-yo's in the centre of each white daisy.
Then I put a 2 inch border of white with pink squares in the corners, a 1 inch blue border then the final pink 6 inch border. I think I'm going to put some stitching on the white border, not flowers, perhaps words?

This is my newest project, I started this after I finished Mum's table runner. I just loved the colours of that so much that I decided that I needed a quilt in them. Then I had these big stitchery patterns that I got from
'Chestnut Junction', I had used one in my giveaway runner and another two in Mums runner, I think I have nine all together.

I think it should look really good when its finished.

Yesterday, while I was slightly incapacitated and feeling sorry for myself I made this 'Cinderberry' needle case and scissor charm (sitting in front of the telly for most of the time I might add).

I changed the pattern slightly - as you do - and put a blanket needle pad in the middle, added a bead charm on the front and was quite pleased with the finished article.
At least I didn't waste my whole day watching Lifestyle Food, a couple of DVD's and a couple of episodes of Baxter!!
Back to normal tomorrow, off to Geelong to see Mum & Dad, do a bit of shopping and pick up the terrible two for a 'Nana Hit'. Only just over a week and I get to fly to W.A. and have a huge 'Nana hit' with the famous four. Can't beat that.

Saturday, 16 May 2009

A Lesson Learnt.....

A few days ago I had a little accident involving my arm and a hot stove. What I did exactly was hit the inside of my wrist on the edge of the fire door of the wood stove, and yes it was quite nasty. But it was one of those things that hurt like hell for a while, then was just something to whinge about to anyone that would listen basically. I put a dressing on it because it rubbed on my clothes and you know what burns are like, annoying. Anyway to cut a long story short, I ended up at the old Doc's because my arm is now badly infected. Seems that I didn't think about how deep it was and that it had soot in it.
The moral of this story is:
Even if we think we are 'grown ups', we should still treat anything we do to ourselves as if it's one of the kids!!
If it was one of my four or a grandchild, the least would have been a trip to the chemist if not the doctors to "just have it checked". Because I'm 'grown up' I just brushed it aside. Won't do that again. I should just about have finished the barrage of antibiotics and such by the time I head off for W.A.

Thursday, 14 May 2009

A Great Day continues..............

This is what was waiting for me at the post office this morning..........I stopped on the way into Ballarat to do my grocery shopping, BIG mistake. I had to put it all in the boot of the car and pretend it wasn't there while I shopped for food!!
Then of course when I got home, all the groceries had to be hauled out of the car and put away, say goodbye to 'he who works' as he left for work. Then the message waiting on the computer so thought I had better check that, that was my lovely surprise from Willowberry Designs. Very exciting!

I just love parcels from overseas, this was the last of my willpower breakdown from the other week.

I bought 'A Gardeners Journal' from Kirkbride Quilting.
I have belonged to a gardening group for about five years now, we meet once a month down at the local Community House for a gossip, coffee and sometimes we even talk about our gardens, anyhow, every year we have a Khris Kringle at Christmas so I thought some of these little things would be ideal. Don't know how our 'token' male will take a gardening apron with stitchery on but Dougie is a good sport!
I already have Material Obsession, so when my book club sent the last catalogue and this was in it, I thought I had better have it, glad I did, the quilts are just fabulous, amazing colours!!

This is my indulgence from 'The Fat Quarter Shop', I think they called it a 'Jelly Cake' of Natures Chorus, the 'cake' is charm squares, layer cake and jelly roll. A jelly roll of 'Pack your Bags' and this gorgeous 'Prairie Quilters Basic Sushi Roll' of Lecien Fabrics.

Now this was the last thing I picked up at the post office, just a little peek. I subscribe to
'Catch of the Day', for those non-Aussies (and those not familiar with it) you get an email every day with that days 'catch', could be anything but it's always a really good price. Could be computers, TVs, wine and on and on, anyway last week my email said that this 'Hannah Montana' 3/4 size electric guitar (purple of course) was the catch for $29.95. Yep, that's right, bargain, even with postage it only cost me $45, RR is $149 (I checked it out). Now our granddaughter who turned 10 a couple of weeks ago is learning guitar so guess what she's getting for Christmas.

I'm going for the 'Best Nana in the World' award, lol.

It was a good day........................

I Won.......

I'm just so excited, I entered Cheryl's giveaway for a beautiful new pattern 'Rosebud - The Bluebird of Elegant Song' - and I won. Thank you Cheryl. I was getting ready to photograph my new mail so I'm off back to that and will post about those lovely things later today. What a lovely day I'm having!!

Tuesday, 12 May 2009

New Giveaway at....

Click on over to the Gourdqueen's blog here and have a look at her work, amazing, and she's having a giveaway, check it out now.

Reasons we buy fabric.....

Yesterday while vacuming the floor of my workroom (yes, it is carpeted and I hate it, but I'm stuck with it) I made a discovery that ruined my planned day of sewing - mouse droppings - eeeehhhhh yyuk!! Now I'm not squeamish really, but of course once you find it, it has to go - NOW!! We are having a bit of a plague here in Victoria so I'm told, well everyone you talk to has a mouse story, it's the drought, it's the floods up north. I even heard one person say the fires had driven them down here!! Really, I don't care how they got here I just want them gone!
So everything had to get moved and cleaned, containers that live under the table, cupboards emptied and cleaned, bookshelves, desk.. well, you get the idea. During this cleaning frenzy I found lots of things that I had forgotten about - as you do.....
In with some quilting stencils I found this little treasure, you've probably seen it before, it was obviously doing the rounds a few (probably 15) years ago and I know I had it pinned on the wall for a while. So after reading Fiona's post this morning and her mention of my wicked ways, I thought I would share this with you.
So ladies I give you my 8 good reasons for buying more fabric, I know it says 9 but I don't agree with #5, I'm taking mine with me!

So there it is.

Oh yes, I didn't find a mouse but I dare it to venture into my super clean, organised and rodent proof room now, we'll see who wins this round!

Sunday, 10 May 2009

Happy Mothers Day Mum....

This is my beautiful Mum (and Dad) nearly 60 years ago, they will have been married for 60 years on September 10th of this year.

Today I drove down to Geelong (about 80kms) as I do at least once every week, to spend some time with them both for Mothers day. The joy of seeing my Mum on this Mothers day was tinged with just a little sadness. I think I've mentioned before that Mum has Alziemers and today her memory was just a little less than other days. Maybe today I noticed it more or maybe today was a little overwhelming for her and the confusion was evident. The thought process took just a little longer today and it was noticable how hard some things were to bring to the front of her mind.

Taking it slowly is the only way to go now.

Mum loved her table runner and it now sits in pride of place on the table we sit at to chat and drink tea, Dad wanted to know how on earth I knew that the only thing they needed was a table runner. I love you Dad.

This is my Mum and Dad now, beautiful, loving, caring, precious and adored people.

I love you Mum, Happy Mothers Day.

Friday, 8 May 2009


I finished the little table runner for Mum this afternoon. I just had the binding to sew in place and as it's a lovely misty, drizzly Autumn day, I thought I would put on a DVD, sit in front of the fire and stitch. It was a lovely indulgent afternoon and I really enjoyed it.

Being a misty, dull, drizzly day, the light is atrocious for photography and the flash will just wash it out, but I think you can get the picture (sorry).

I've just quilted straight lines diagonally and outlined the stitchery, I thought that I would never get it done if I started to quilt swirls and curls!

I'm happy with it and I'm sure Mum will love it, although I can just about guarantee that it will come off the table before so much as a cup and saucer goes down!!

Thursday, 7 May 2009

I've got Mail...

Look what came in the mail today! Last week when I had my willpower breakdown, I ordered some fabric from Julie at Provincial Patch, thank goodness I did, how gorgeous is this?

Fabulous colours, don't you just love fat quarters, I do. But I suppose you've guessed that by now!

Hello, my name is Lizzie and I'm a fabriholic!

This is my lovely bonus fat quarter from Julie, how beautiful is this?

Thanks Julie, I just love it. I 'm not even going to tell you what I ordered from here, well I might when it gets here, depends how good I am between now and then!!

I have almost finished Mum's table runner, just have to do a little more quilting tonight then I can put the binding on tomorrow. Will show you that as soon as it's finished.

Sunday, 3 May 2009

Yes, I have done some sewing this week....

..not a lot I have to say, but I have made a start on Mum's table runner for Mothers Day. I guess I should get on with it though otherwise it will be for her birthday (December).

She just loves log cabins so I thought I would do something along those lines, the stitchings are destined to be end to end, facing down the length of the table so to speak. So they will be head to head, good gosh, that sounds like a load of gobbledegook. You will just have to wait until later in the week (or December if I don't get off the computer and stitch) to see what my minds eye sees!!

Anyway, I used the same William Morris fabric I used on the tablerunner that went to Linda (posted Friday, sorry I've been slack Linda) so it should look ok when it's finished.

Right, I'm off to stitch now, roast lamb for dinner so not much to do there, just roast and enjoy, yummy.

Saturday, 2 May 2009

Willpower, whats that?

It's something I don't have any of!!
I can say this with a huge amount of confidence, I wouldn't actually say that I'm proud of the fact but it does make life easier when you just go ahead and accept the fact that you have shortcomings.........
So today I went to see the lovely Ann from Annz Material World. Now I live in a little tiny Historic village here, population 453, I'm sure that a lot of those are quilters but the lovely Ann lives just around the corner (literally). So you can see why willpower gets nipped in the bud, to have a veritable shop full of Moda just around the corner is not to be taken lightly.
Have a look at what I came home with after I left my willpower outside in the car...............
A Mountain of Jelly!
Northern Solitude
Kashmir III
Portabello Market
and a little Sweet Roll of Beach House.
Then as I was leaving I saw this....................
40 fat quarters of American Primer..............................

....love at first site, perfect for a little boy quilt. Oh my great golly gosh, what a feast for the eyes and fingers, so tactile having stacks of fabric to touch!!

So I had to have it...

...wicked aren't I??


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