Wednesday, 20 May 2009

Bragging Rights.........

A couple of weeks ago I was extolling the achievements of our eldest daughter as she graduated with her Bachelor of Education, so today I thought that I would tell the world (well this part of it) about our talented youngest daughter.
First I will show you the Cd cover I made for the photographs of her artworks that she was submitting to an art magazine. I created it in Photoshop 7 and used four of her canvases.
This is a digital scrapbook page from a few years (maybe three) ago. She does put her heart and soul into her art and with four young children, it's not always easy to find the 'me' time. I am proud to say that I did bring her up with the knowledge that the dust will still be there tomorrow, but the creative thought might not!!

I can't tell you the title of all the works, but I can tell you that these are a very small sample of her excellent work.

I know since the last time I was over there (in Western Australia) she has gone in a different direction again.

I know the title of this because it hangs in my house along with...

This would have to be my all time favourite - until I see her newest next week!!


Sweet P said...

Your daughter is truly gifted. Her work is gorgeous!

What a tease with the swap package. I am finishing up your package today and should get it off in the mail tomorrow.

Ngaire's package to you was great. Enjoy the items!

CabbageQuilts said...

You have very talented daughters....must get it from their Mum!!! Thanks for sharing her beautiful artwork with us xo

Francien said...

Maybe you know what "they"say here in Holland..."de appel valt niet ver van de boom"I try to translate so you will understand I apple does not fall far from the she will defenit has a piece of your talent!! I love the first two paintings...and the album layouts...awesome!!
greetings Francien.

Sew Useful Designs said...

Lizzie - I LOVE your daughter's work. What an inspiration she is - creating so passionately while raising four young children!

Will you be sharing her 'new' creations with us after your visit to Perth? I hope so! :-)

Hugs! Vikki x

Khris said...

I love Ned and the windmill...what a clever girl..hugs Khris


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