Thursday, 14 May 2009

A Great Day continues..............

This is what was waiting for me at the post office this morning..........I stopped on the way into Ballarat to do my grocery shopping, BIG mistake. I had to put it all in the boot of the car and pretend it wasn't there while I shopped for food!!
Then of course when I got home, all the groceries had to be hauled out of the car and put away, say goodbye to 'he who works' as he left for work. Then the message waiting on the computer so thought I had better check that, that was my lovely surprise from Willowberry Designs. Very exciting!

I just love parcels from overseas, this was the last of my willpower breakdown from the other week.

I bought 'A Gardeners Journal' from Kirkbride Quilting.
I have belonged to a gardening group for about five years now, we meet once a month down at the local Community House for a gossip, coffee and sometimes we even talk about our gardens, anyhow, every year we have a Khris Kringle at Christmas so I thought some of these little things would be ideal. Don't know how our 'token' male will take a gardening apron with stitchery on but Dougie is a good sport!
I already have Material Obsession, so when my book club sent the last catalogue and this was in it, I thought I had better have it, glad I did, the quilts are just fabulous, amazing colours!!

This is my indulgence from 'The Fat Quarter Shop', I think they called it a 'Jelly Cake' of Natures Chorus, the 'cake' is charm squares, layer cake and jelly roll. A jelly roll of 'Pack your Bags' and this gorgeous 'Prairie Quilters Basic Sushi Roll' of Lecien Fabrics.

Now this was the last thing I picked up at the post office, just a little peek. I subscribe to
'Catch of the Day', for those non-Aussies (and those not familiar with it) you get an email every day with that days 'catch', could be anything but it's always a really good price. Could be computers, TVs, wine and on and on, anyway last week my email said that this 'Hannah Montana' 3/4 size electric guitar (purple of course) was the catch for $29.95. Yep, that's right, bargain, even with postage it only cost me $45, RR is $149 (I checked it out). Now our granddaughter who turned 10 a couple of weeks ago is learning guitar so guess what she's getting for Christmas.

I'm going for the 'Best Nana in the World' award, lol.

It was a good day........................


Sew Useful Designs said...

How exciting, Lizzie!! Thank you for sharing, the fabric looks delicious! And the Hatched & Patched designs are gorgeous! Are you a big fan of Anni Downs?

Your grandaughter is going to be rapt this Xmas! :-) Although I think you'd win the Best Nana award any day... !!

Vikki xx

Linda said...

What a great way to start your day, with all those lovely parcels. Gorgeous fabrics, I'm sure they will keep you bush for quite a while. I'm thinking your GD will think your just the best there is with that guitar.

Aunt Pitty Pat's Fun said...

I just love these books.. I might have to try and find them here in the USA. Thanks for sharing the wonderful things in your life.. Thank you for coming by my blog and marking me as a fave... please visit again... right now a bit of name and shame going on but good stuff to return soon :) Promise :)

Julia said...

How exciting, Lizzie...What a great way to start your day, with all those lovely parcels.
Gorgeous fabrics, new projects ..what fun!
Julia ♥

Julie said...

Oh my! How do you top a day of deliveries like that. I would have had to go home and open them and postpone the shopping till the next day. Lovely purchases.

Bernadette said...

Wow what a haul! LOL wouldn't it be funny if we met picking up our parcels at the post office!

Maree said...

You are a Girl of my own heart...referring to MO's 2nd Book...I hope to pick this up while I'm down in Sydney for the Quilt show & get it signed like the first one...well one can only hope...Lovely Goodies you got there...Yummy Fabrics...came accross your blog by accident really but glad I did...will visit again soon

Fiona said...

Gorgeous parcel contents Lizzie - I had my first delivery of Moda bts for my shop today and It was like christmas opening the parcel.

Hugs - Fiona

Karen said...

A Gardener's Journal, now that is one I would like to make one day.

Terri said...

everything looks so yummy!


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