Sunday, 10 May 2009

Happy Mothers Day Mum....

This is my beautiful Mum (and Dad) nearly 60 years ago, they will have been married for 60 years on September 10th of this year.

Today I drove down to Geelong (about 80kms) as I do at least once every week, to spend some time with them both for Mothers day. The joy of seeing my Mum on this Mothers day was tinged with just a little sadness. I think I've mentioned before that Mum has Alziemers and today her memory was just a little less than other days. Maybe today I noticed it more or maybe today was a little overwhelming for her and the confusion was evident. The thought process took just a little longer today and it was noticable how hard some things were to bring to the front of her mind.

Taking it slowly is the only way to go now.

Mum loved her table runner and it now sits in pride of place on the table we sit at to chat and drink tea, Dad wanted to know how on earth I knew that the only thing they needed was a table runner. I love you Dad.

This is my Mum and Dad now, beautiful, loving, caring, precious and adored people.

I love you Mum, Happy Mothers Day.


Angela said...

Happy Mothers Day to you and to your beautiful Mum!

Lurline said...

Wow, look at those beautiful smiles - they haven't wasted their lives - God Bless!
Hugs - Lurline♥

Kim said...

Oh, my. This sweet story brought tears to my eyes. The photo of your parents is a treasure. I am so happy for you to have both of your parents and that they have been together forever. Thank you so much for sharing them with me.

Francien said...

I love it when people stay together their livetimes...with all the ups and downs they must have had for sure..and the worries they have now about the illness of your Ma....Its so sad somethimes to see them get sick.. it broke my heart....but you still have them and can say that you love them...what a beautyful picture from the both of them now...I am married next month for 40 years now..and hope to stay it for may more years to come...
greetings Francien.

Jane said...

Glad you got to give your Mum her table runner.
Sad to watch them slipping away from us.

Had bronchitis and no Mum anymore and for medical reasons no chn, so the cat and i spent the day curled up in bed. She did not even go shopping in her catalog.

Julia said...

Oh look at the gorgeous smiles they have..
That's so sad, cherish your Mum and enjoy every moment with her..It's lovely to see them together.
Julia ♥

Banaghaisge said...

I love the looks they are giving each other in their wedding photo, they are so gorgeous!
And the 'after' photo is a lovely too - they both look so happy still!!
We were in Geelong yesterday too,visiting The Sweetheart's brother and SIL there, and waving at his Mum in the cemetery as we always do.

Sew Useful Designs said...

Hi there Lizzie!

Thank you for sharing your special day with us all. I think that your mum and dad look as gorgeous now as they did when they married!

Have a great week!
Vikki x :-)

Kerri said...

Oh Lizzie they look so happy. What a wonderful mothers day you had. The smiles are so precious and gorgeous.

Anonymous said...

Hi Lizzie, what a fun pair of parents you have... they look like they're up to mischief and don't care if they get caught :-)
Treasure your happy times together,
Cheryl xx

Helz said...

Hello There Lizzie... Luv the shots of your Mum & Dad they look so happy together... Then & Now... Precious Indeed.


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