Monday, 25 May 2009

It's raining, it's pouring....... don't hear kids singing that anymore do you? When we were kids we used to chant (it certainly couldn't be classed in any way as singing) that rhyme in the rain::
It's raining, it's pouring, the old man is snoring, bumped his head in the middle of the bed and couldn't get up in the morning.!!
I don't suppose we ever thought about why the poor man couldn't get up the next morning. That's not the way you think as a kid is it?

The other one was::
Rain, rain go away, come again another day!!
I don't think any fun loving child could get away with that one today?
Anyway, enough childishness, yes it is raining, quite heavily actually. I think we've had about 5mm which is wonderful.
I'm supposed to be sorting out clothes to take with me to Perth, I suppose the only reason that you wouldn't know that I was off to see our youngest daughter and her family in Perth, was if you had been off planet for a couple of weeks! Not that I'm overly excited you understand. The problem is that I can't fit any clothes into my suitcase, it seems to be full of - well - things! You know, toys for Matthew and things to do with the girls, a lovely felted bag that I found in a shop in Daylesford for Sarah, some stitching to do in front of the telly with the girls. Oh and some extra fabric and floss, I thought I might teach the two eldest how to do a little stitchery!! I haven't packed any wool and needles, I thought we might take a trip to Spotlight at Rockingham for that, if we decide to knit or crochet. So what I've done is take all the things I've bought for them out of the bulky packaging, Matthew will be a bit puzzled, when you're only 4 big boxes are good! That's made a bit more room and luckily I'm going to warmer climes, so I can take t shirts instead of jumpers. I know all you West Australians are saying it's turned cold, but where I am it's only 11 degrees right now, so days in the high teens/low 20s will be perfect for short sleeves!!

So while I was putting things to one side to put in my carry on luggage, a bit of sewing to do at the airport (with only one needle in case they won't let me take it on the plane), book to read etc. I was gathering all my techno toys together -

laptop and case - check

camera's and case - check

DS and case - check ( I need the brain training!!)

iPod and ??

I realised that I don't have anything to put my iPod in and more importantly my earphones. I hate them just floating around in my handbag, and I do love to listen to my audio books on the flight.

So good excuse to make something to slip them into but it has to be quick, I've got a zillion things to do (as you do when you're leaving a man at home on his own for a week) before tomorrow night.

I had this bit of stitching sat in a baggie for anothe project that I obviously hadn't got around to so I added some batting and lining.................
.........rapid stitched a pocket with a padding of Pellon......

.............binding right around, rounding the corners for quickness...........

................and there you go. I should have stitched down the middle of the pocket before I put it all together, to make it two pockets, but it does the job fine! It's only going to be in my handbag and it folds over quite nicely. Basically it's just to stop the thing getting scratched.
Better go make that Shepherds Pie, some for tonight and some in the freezer for the weekend for he who works!


Sandra @ Pepperberry and Co. said...

I'm not that old and I sing those songs! :-)

Nice pouch, Lizzie. I love that you just 'whip it up' as you're doing a gazillion other things. Clever bunny!

Kim said...

Amazing that you can just whip up a lovely case. Just like that! Enjoy your trip to Perth. Perhaps there will be a post and photos while you are visiting. Safe flight!!

Julie said...

Very nice i-pod pouch. Might just make myself one one day and maybe hubby, although I don't think he will go for the stitching.
Do you own a mac as well? We are an all apple house here.

Sweet P said...

I remember both of those songs. Your little pouch is cute. Have a great trip!

Lurline said...

You will enjoy Perth - chilly at night!
Hugs - Lurline♥

ozjane said...

I cannot quite believe that I have not yet bought either an ipod or an MP3 player. I keep thinking if I hold off I will be able to buy the one to take into the nursing
But I have got the new computer.
So there is some progress.


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