Wednesday, 20 May 2009

It's a Swap....

This morning I drove down to the Post Office to put my parcels for Paula and Ngaire for the Kitchen Swap in the big red truck (well leave them with Monica the post lady actually) and waiting for me was my parcel from Ngaire.
So it was in all sense of the word a SWAP. I gave Monica a box for Ngaire and she gave me one from Ngaire! I like that symmetry.

So this is what my box full of goodies looked like before I ripped off all the wrapping, well I did save the ribbon of course, so pretty.

And this is what was hiding inside all that lovely wrapping. A cute rooster blackboard to hang, mini rolling pin, tiny masher, little pastry brush, two tea infusers, a teabag holder, mini cup cake paper cups, a lovely tea towel, Twinings Tea and chocolate, oh and a lovely hand made card from Ngaire. Thank you so much Ngaire, I love them all. I see you are a fan of 'Provincial' too! Hope you enjoy your goodies as much as I love these.

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