Wednesday, 17 June 2009

60th Anniversary Quilt..

I just thought I would share this with you....... cold winter's night, time for bed.............first in, best spot!! Methinks she could be a tad spoilt?? Good job we love her :)

Anyway, that's not what I wanted to talk about today.

My Mum and Dad were married on Sept. 10th 1949, so that makes this year their 60th Wedding Anniversary, diamond I think. Ten years ago on their 50th anniversary, I made them a quilt with 50 hearts (plus one on the back as the label) and photographs of them and my family, some charms that had significence to them etc, etc.

So I wondered what on earth I could do this year, they are after all in their 80s, they have all they need. They are safe, warm and reasonable healthy for their age.

So I decided to make them another quilt, one that would just go over the back of the lounge ready for one of them to snuggle into when it's cold or when they feel under the weather. In other words, just an everyday quilt, strong, sturdy, warm and of course snuggly.

These are the fabrics I'm using, a lovely Jelly Roll in the Kashmir 111 range, tiny white on white polka dots and this aqua fabric that I've had forever.

I think I might do just a little stitchery in some of the white snowballs, maybe I will do the names of all the family, one in each?

This fabric with the little flowers on, I've had for about 20 years I think and I could never really figure out why. I never actually liked it, but I just kept shoving it to the back of the stack. When I was going through fabric this morning looking for something to use on the snowball corners, it sort of fell out when I pulled on another piece. I looked at it as I was picking it up and it just sort of clicked, so for better or worse, that's what I'm using. It's cut now and I shall start sewing later today.

So this is the quilt I'm making, it will be the first thing I have made from this book. Also the first of my beautiful Jelly Rolls that I bought a while ago, that I will be 'unrolling', I'm quite excited about it.


Francien said...

It had to be that the fabric fell out of your stock screaming "use me" Lizzy ..But whatever fabric you use its gonnna be a wunderful quilt when I read what you got in mind to do with it... ...your idea is great...And I just ordered the book yesterday!!...because every one who used the jelly rolls are very enthusiastic about them..they are sort of ready to go??!!I want to read about them first so I hope the book is coming soon...And who could not love her???...very clever doggie!! the quilt is lovely too....
greetings Francien.

Sandra @ Pepperberry and Co. said...

Aw, your pup is SOOO cute! And I'm sure a pup can never be too spoilt :-)

SIXTY YEARS! My goodness me, that's a long time. Good for them! That quilt you're going to make them is going to be sensational, as with everything you do! I can't wait to see pics in process and of the finished thing :-)

Fiona said...

What a wonderful life they have had together - 60 years is fantastic..... Looking forard to seeing your creation - I feel a slight tinge of sadness when I unroll a jelly roll - Until of course I have the finished product.

Jen said...

What can I say Lizzie. You amaze me with your creations. It's always a delight to come up to your place and witness first hand your handicrafts.
Your Mum and Dad will no doubt be absolutely stonkered with what you plan.
60 years eh!
Now THATS an accomplishment!

Sew Useful Designs said...

Hi Lizzie!!

Your gorgeous dog looks so snuggly - how I'd love to lay next to her and give her a lovely cuddle! That is one beautiful photo!

Congratulations to your mum and dad on their upcoming 60th! Wow! I am sure they're going to be delighted with the quilt you plan to make - it sounds gorgeous, and thoes fabrics are divine - it will be so much fun 'un-rolling' them!

Hugs, Lizzie!

Vikki xx :-)

Julia said...

Congratulations to your mum and dad on their upcoming 60th!.. I'm sure they will love the quilt you plan to make..
Smart doggy, she know it's warm under that quilt..
Julia ♥

Micki said...

Congrats to your parents! I have that book, and I love it. I am sure that you make them a lovely quilt!

Anonymous said...

Cute pooch - Bella does that too, better than a hot water bottle on these frosty nights! Sue


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