Thursday, 11 June 2009

Does anybody know....................

.....where I can get one of these in Australia?

I had one, still have the oval hoop part. We (he who works & I) have spent the best part of the day looking through all the junk we seem to accumulate in storage shed, garage, spare room and anywhere else we thought it might have been stashed!!

It's just the stand part of it that is lost and the only place I can find another one is in the USA. As you know, I'm not adverse to shopping in the quilting capital of the world. But paying postage on something this size, not to mention the time it takes (I'm not the most patient person when I want something - NOW). I can't even remember where I originally bought it, John seems to think it was a shop around Essendon somewhere, but it would have been 20 years ago that I bought it??

I thought it would be easy, just get online, google search, phone call or car trip, pay money - happy lizzie :o)

But no, can't find one anywhere. I have several size hoops but it's very warm with a quilt on your lap in front of the fire, I keep getting sleepy!


Francien said...

Cant help you there Lizzy...and I know the want it like your "life"is on hold untill you find it or can order one..good luck!!
greetings Francien.

Anonymous said...

Followed your comment on my blog back here...I have one of those stands and hoops in my attic, not been used for many many years, and I'm happy to part with it if you are interested. Where are you? Sue McB

Fiona said...

If you find them Lizzie let me know - I would love one also. Had a giggle about you getting sleepy - I have been very sleepy lately :)

apple cheeked, potato shaped girl said...

Do you know anyone handy? It looks very simple to make a stand. at the very least it will be better than nothing while you search.


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