Sunday, 14 June 2009

It's a small world after all................

......and getting smaller all the time!

On Thursday do you remember that I put out a plea for anyone knowing the whereabouts of a small floor standing quilting frame, that was conveniently for sale in Australia, to let me know?

After I had posted that I spent an hour or so wandering around blogland, following no particular path and I came upon a blog called 'Paddy's Daughter' , I left a comment for Sue and really thought no more about it.

Francien left a comment on the post for the frame that she couldn't help, Fiona said to let her know if I found them and then..
....... ta da........

...Sue from 'Paddy's Daughter' left a comment that she had one in her attic that she hadn't used for years, we could work something out if I was interested, where was I, she's was in Trentham?

Well, Trentham of course is about 50kms from me, a 45 min drive tops!! So what are the odds? I only happened upon Sue's blog by accident (as you do) and left a comment because her post was relevant to something I had just done. She read the comment and thought she would click over and check out my blog (as you do) and the first post is for the frame!

So, frame in her attic, agreed price, trip to Trentham this afternoon, lovely lady, happy lizzie?

Yes, all of the above BUT the story isn't finished!!

You thought this marathon was finished didn't you? Well I did say the world is getting smaller didn't I?

It was lovely to meet Sue, have a coffee, talk about what we have in common, but as I was leaving Sue asked me if I belonged to SCQuilters. I do, but I'm a very recent new member and I just said that a very old friend of mine from Ouyen has been a member for many years. Yep, you got it, Sue knows Sue (my Ouyen friend) and her daughter Megan, who is also a quilter. You might think sure, that's not surprising, but Sue from Ouyen is my youngest Son's godmother too! So the circle tightens don't you think? Now what are the odd's?

That's it for coincidences. That's enough you're thinking I know, my God, the woman can talk you're saying! Lol ;o)

So you may have gathered that I am the proud owner of the above quilting frame, thank you Sue. It was lovely to meet you and we shall stay in touch.

As you can see, didn't take me long to try it out. The frame is also adjustable so I can have another quilt in the oval frame and just swap them around (how ambitious is that?).

So on another topic, please click on over to here and say hello to my wonderful friend Jen (she of the Bilum) who has started her blog, she is very special to me and she has some wonderful stories to tell (she's also promised to post my favourite baby blanket photo).
EDIT to this post;
Today I used my lovely Bilum, and I'm hooked. No wonder they use them for everything, soft, easy, squishy and light. I might have to analyse and make another!


Sew Useful Designs said...

What a lovely day you have had Lizzie! Aren't coincidences wonderful? It was meant to be!

I am so pleased that you have made a wonderful new friend! Your quilt is looking gorgeous and very much at home in its frame!

Vikki xx

Sarah said...

How fantastic being SO close! Have fun with it!
x Sarah

Francien said...

Yes yes yes...I love blogland!!...there seems to be always a solution to almost everything if you have a question or looking for something.....surprises and coincidenses??Love them too...its amazing that I am writing to you all the way from Holland...miles and miles away..its evening at your place and I just have startet the (rainy) day...I am so happy I have my little computer!!
Glad you found the stand...your quilt looks so bright and colorful..its lovely...happy quilting!!
greetings Francien.

Fiona said...

Golly what a lovely story Lizzie - And I am so pleased to see that you have broken it in already - I never doubted it for a minute - BIG HUGS XXX

Jen said...

Hullo Chicken. What a world eh! Amazing how things are JUST MEANT TO BE!
I find coincidences will sometimes take your breath away.
I know through circumstances that somethings occur in life because they are meant to...
Take for example, italian men hanging over the fence!!!
Much love,
Jen xxxx

Lurline said...

Hi Lizzie, time flies - wonderful you got your frame - have just been across to Jen - wow! what a fine lady and we do have a little in common!
Hugs - lurline♥

Kim said...

You know, you are going to find the missing parts to your old frame now that this adventure has been accomplished, right? Lol, you were simply meant to make this journey in order to collect a new friend. Such a nice story! Nice that Jen is writing and sharing her story, too.

Anonymous said...

Good to see the frame in use already! So glad I was in the right place at the right time and it all worked out. Lovely bright quilt colours, your grand-daughter will love it. BTW - I have a billum that was given to me 30+ years ago, by a friend who was in NG with her patrol officer husband. It is still as good as new though the colours are a bit faded. Nice to meet you the other day, and do keep in touch. Sue

Sweet P said...

What a lovely coincidence! Another friend made and a quilting hoop too!

Shiree said...

how lucky is that Lizzie, we really do live in a small world. Do enjoy your quilt frame, I look forward to seeing all your wonderful creations!

clare's craftroom said...

What a fabulous story .Now you have a new friend and a hoop , lucky you !

CabbageQuilts said...

What a fabulous story...I love coincidences, how fun and how nice that you now have your quilt frame xo

catsmum said...

I know both the Sues and also Megan [ in real life I mean ]
and now I 'cyber-know' you as well :]


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