Monday, 8 June 2009

Much Better...........

Thank you everyone for your lovely thoughts and wishes, I'm feeling much better (must have been the tim tams) and actually put on jeans yesterday as opposed to the pyjamas that I have lived in for 4 days!! Be it cold or flu, it was awful and very draining, just the act of changing a dvd seemed too much effort. I spent two days staring at Lifestyle Food, no concentration needed!
Yesterday I did a little stitching on Sam's quilt, I think it's coming on nicely. I've decided to give it to her for her birthday on Sept 1st, lucky girl ushers in Spring!
Photo's later.
Meanwhile I had better get off and catch up with some washing, that's the one thing 'he who works' doesn't do, he's banned from using the washing machine, everything ends up shrunk, coloured or felted!! Tomorrow is forcast to be very cold and wet here so it sounds like a day sewing in front of the fire.


Francien said...

Great to hear your on the go again...I think everybody knows the feeling of a good cold...rubbery legs and arms...lightheaded...sniffy nose etc...nothing like a good health!!Enjoy your stitching in front of the fire....must be lovely... and the washing will still be there tomorrow..
greetings Francien.
greetings Francien.

Sweet P said...

I'm glad to hear your feeling better. I've been fighting a cold the last few days too.


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