Tuesday, 14 July 2009

A day on the hill..........

..........Sovereign Hill, Ballarat that is.
Yesterday Jen and I took ourselves off to Sovereign Hill in Ballarat. Neither of us had been for years and the last time we both had kids with us. We had mentioned that we might go there on one of our monthly adventures, a friend of Jens gave her a two for one ticket that had to be used by the end of this month. So despite freezing conditions and heavy rain for most of the day, off we went.

As you enter into the complex there is an audio/visual display of conditions on the sailing ships, arrivals, early shops etc.

Perfect home on the goldfields, this person was lucky, they had canvas and mudbrick! Cosy.

There was a huge chinese influence on the gold fields....

..... this was the local Chinese grocery store of 1854.............

.....................................troopers quarters, lap of luxury.

Jen trying her hand at gold panning........

..............and the one we didn't find! Actually a replica of the 'Stranger' nugget, found on the Ballarat goldfields and the second largest nugget found in Australia during the gold rush. The largest was the 'Welcome Stranger', not found in Ballarat but still in the gold triangle of Victoria, Bendigo, Castlemaine, Maldon, Ballarat, Gordon, Clunes, Talbot and a few more small towns.
The lolly (sweets, candy) making factory, the young guy below is working the hot, sweet toffee and the girl in the other photo is pouring hot mixture into moulds.

The Lolly Shop looking through to the factory.

This attractive model below was in the lingerie room of the Haberdashery Store, showing a wonderful, tiny corset that one would need under one of the dresses displayed.

Believe it or not I can actually remember goods displayed on shelves behind a counter, not quite as vintage as these! One of my first jobs (before I left school many moons ago) was working in a 'Sweet Shop' in the holiday's. Weighing the sweets into little white bags and lining them up in the counter!! Now I'm showing my age, lol.

The Frozen in Time exhibition was still on for a few more days, fabulous ice sculptors in a sort of giant 'fridge, -10 degrees in that little box, fabulous ice carving, but freezing.

We were (almost) glad to get back outside to the rain!!

The Apothercary.
More gorgeous shelves and bottles.

Some very wet tourists, looking down the main street.
We did do a couple of mine tours too but my photos were not very good (just blackness actually), I didn't have my own camera, I had taken the new one I'd just bought for He Who Works, eldest daughter has borrowed my Olympus point and shoot digital and I hadn't wanted to take my digital SLR. I didn't want to keep hiding it in the rain, thank goodness I didn't, it was so wet I couldn't have used it without a cover anyway!

This is coming out of the last mine tour, it was absolutley pouring down as we stepped out. Looking up towards the old houses and the overnight accomodation buildings.

And this photo.. well, if you look up and over the buildings to the hills beyond, just over the top of the hill.............is my house. There now you know where I live, beautiful isn't it?
We stopped in at The Bakery on Main St, Sovereign Hill on the way out and bought a couple of cakes (yummy they were) and had hot chocolate with marshmallows and cake when we got home before Jen had to drive back towards Melbourne. The poor girl got stuck on the freeway behind an overturned car and had to sit there for what must have seemed like hours. Now I know there was no chance of her starving because I happen to know that there was a little bag of goodies destined for her love, from the bakery.
Murray, did you get that pie??
I also have to report that it's still raining............yea, this is the 5th straight day that we've had rain, some days on and off but most days it's rained steadily. I can't remember the last time that happened - maybe 4 - 5 years ago??


Jen said...

Yes Lizzie Dear he did get his Apricot Pie. Twas delicious too.

Even with the rain it was a wonderful day with plenty of laughter which made our own personal sunshine.

Thank you yet again for it was your idea in the first place if you remember.

Jen xxxx

Francien said...

What a lovely trip Lizzie!!...and who cares then if its raining...so many great things to see ...those quilts!!...Would love to have the cabinet with the shelves and the bottles..did you bring some lolly,s??..NO??!!then you go back there at once and bring me the big goldnugget!! The real one ofcourse..seriously..I could not stop "goldpanning"must be fun!!maybe not in the rain and cold though..seems you did have a wunderfull time!!thanks for sharing...such a lovely story!!!
greetings Francien.

Paddy's Daughter said...

Good to see what Sovereign Hill looks like these days...I have not been since my kids were small...strange how we tend not to visit interesting places when they are so close! Lovely rain here too, but I have to say I think I've had enough!

CabbageQuilts said...

Yes, thanks for the pics, I too have not been there for many years. Nice to 'see' where your house is!!! Hasn't the rain been lovely? We have been getting some here on the mornington peninsula too, bring it on!!!

Banaghaisge said...

Lovely to see all those photos, thank you! One of my neighbours looks after the Clydesdales there and they all at some stage come back to our end of the world for R&R. They are so gentle and sooky!
Wonder if that lolly maker was the one on Can We Help recently where they showed us how they put letters in the middle of that yummy rock. Very clever!
Must go again sometime soon. Not school holidays. Not in the rain (don't need to after seeingyour pics!).

Julia said...

Great pics Lizzie..
I love seeing how they lived then..
we take so much for granted
Julia ♥

Sew Useful Designs said...

Hi Lizzie!

Sounds like you had a great day - thanks for sharing your pics! Sovereign Hill is awesome, I have been twice when we've had visitors and both times it was stinking hot! I think I prefer the rain!!!

I too remember 'sweets' being weighed and put into white paper bags... or buying a bag of sweets for ten pence and you could choose what you put in there... most sweets were half a penny, a penny, or tuppence at the most!!! I used to buy them from a little village shop in Buckinghamshire! Ahhh... the memories! Actually, there is a lolly shop in Sassafras that still sells a lot of the old confectionary you can't buy anymore... and a few English lines of chocolate too... Lion bars, Topic bars etc... remember those?

Lots of love!
Vikki xx

Micki said...

What a lovely trip! I love a place that has so much history. I would have loved to be there.


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