Friday, 10 July 2009

Working Space - or not.................

The weather has changed today. It's been quite mild for the last week or so. Freezing nights ( -5 the other night) but almost springlike sunshiney days. Today the wind is howling from the NW, cold and lazy, blowing right through you. The sort of day that it should be perfect in front of the fire or cooking on the wood stove, warm and cozy inside. But I just can't settle to anything today!
I did a little cleaning, nothing too strenuous you understand. Stack the dishwasher - unstack the dishwasher, that sort of thing. Watched he who works split some firewood, haul it in and stack it for the day, then toddle off to work to spread his wonderous charms on the train travelling public in the Great Metropolis of Melbourne City. Moved a few things around in the kitchen, then decided they were better where they were, so moved them back again. Sent a couple of messages to youngest son and bride to be. Turns out he has the swine flu, hence not at work, sent stern message for him to stay away, thanks but no thanks!!
What do you do on days like that? When you get to the end of a long, done nothing day, do you regret that you didn't achieve more or shake it off and get on with it tomorrow? Do you rush around trying to assuage the guilt of a lazy day or do you (like me) figure you may as well finish it off with glass of something and a good program or dvd (maybe 'French Leave' with John Bertrand Race)?
So just for something to do on this cold, windy, wintery, July Friday, I thought that I would explain my 'Inspiration Cake Stand'.
So this is my desk, it's actually a trestle table but we won't talk about that. You can see the cake stand behind my cup of English Breakfast tea, I just tend to pile things on that I want to look at for a while. On there at the moment is the fabric for Caitlins quilt (November birthday), the jelly roll and charm pack from Nadine yesterday, the fabric for my new bag. My two very favourite tiny teds (from my teddy making phase). Behind that are my two little 'Singers' and in front of them is a photo of he who works and all my pens and pencils - did I tell you that I love pens and paper - well I do :0) . Oh, and my new big, blousy, pink and green pincushion is there to be admired too.

So thats my working space - or not - at my computer!

The pattern below is the bag that I am making..............

................hoping to get it finished before July 23rd?

I just noticed that my needle is bent, time to throw it.................

...............aren't these fabrics gorgeous, should look fabulous when it's finished?

A little look at Sam's quilt, it's coming on well I think...................

..................I've just started to stitch all the words around the border, quite a task.

I thought that I would show you my little wooden bowl of sewing 'things'. When I was doing the dusting this morning (see I did something else) it occured to me that this bowl contained parts of my family!!

The bowl itself Dad made, he did a little wood turning and I have a few of his lovely fruit bowls and such. But I just love this little shallow dish so I filled it with my old wooden cotton reels. Ignore the one with the little teeth marks in (Miss Martha likes to throw them around if she can get hold of them). Have a look at the one below, the red one. That was my grandfathers, he was a tailor and did lots of sewing at home when he was young, he it was that passed on his love of needle and thread to my Mum and hence to me I expect. Can you see the little red 'hat' thimble holder, that was Mums, she can't remember when she made it (damn the Alziemers) but it still has her first thimble in it. Precious.

The lovely aged green darning mushroom was my Nana's (Mums Mum) and it was only a few years ago that I discovered it actually has a needle holder in the handle!

My family in this bowl, maternal grandfather, maternal grandmother, mother and father, I like to think that I will leave something of my sewing life in this bowl for my granddaughter too.


Micki said...

You have some lovely projects that you will be working on. Have fun with them!

Janet said...

I think we all have days like that where you think you fluffed around all day. I love your space and the treasures, the bowl and things in it is lovely, you're lucky to have them.

Jen said...

As I sit here with my G&T listening to the rain finally deciding to fall on my galvanised iron roof, whilst reading of your exploits Lizzie I have a chuckle to myself.
Don't be fooled women who read this...Lizzie will have you think her work space is all cluttered and higgeldy piggeldy.
Take it from me that its a delightful array of all that is near and dear to her and EVERYTHING has a special meaning in her life.

Oh oh...I have just sneezed for the fourth time today... I hope thats not an omen!
Much love my wonderful eclectic best friend!

Francien said...

As you know Lizzie I have some `free time` too and overhere it was one of those days too...its raining..poring..haven,t stop all day and won,t stop at all tonight too I guess..just sitting in my little place..starting several things and put them away again...but your projects are looking good...the bag... super the stitchery...and the fabric looks so will look very pretty in a the stitcherywords you do on Sams quilt...and yes I have good some goodies from my Ma too were stitching is involved..could never part with them...and for the table... well I have to sent you an email...or else you would.nd believe it...
greetings and have a very nice weekend...Francien.

Julia said...

I have days like that ...don't know what I want to do or do with myself..
you have some lovely memories there, so a day to enjoy them is good..
Julia ♥

Sew Useful Designs said...

Lizzie, what a beautiful post! I love your sewing treasures! They mean so much don't they? xxxx

As for how to finish a 'lazy day'.. I agree - I'd enjoy it and put my feet up! A day is never wasted if it is a happy one!

Hugs! Hugs!
Vikki xoxo


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