Sunday, 23 August 2009

I've been wicked again..................

Well, only a little wicked.............

Yesterday I drove over to Castlemaine to meet another new blogger friend. I met Ann from here last week when she emailed me to say she wanted to join the CWBQ blog. Turns out she lives in Gisborne and was going in to Threadbear to buy her pattern on Saturday, so I offered to drive over and meet for coffee and a trip into the patchwork shop (that was the hardest part of the day you understand ;0).
We met at Threadbear, Ann bought her pattern and I wanted to buy some more greens for leaves and stems.

These lovely greens and one with a wee bit of red caught my eye.............

.............and this! Oh my, it's just adorable...................

...........Wildflower Serenade II, just the name alone evokes thoughts of wonderful things. And who could resist something designed by 'The Kansas Troubles Quilters'. In fact, I felt morally obliged to buy it if only to ease their troubles, ;0)

Anyway, that's my story and I'm sticking to it like glue!!!
I actually thought that I would like to make a quilt from the book I bought from Fiona a while ago
'Quilting the Garden' and when I saw this I thought it would be ideal. The central panel on Mum and Dads quilt came from the same book.

Down the road from the quilt shop is a little shop called 'Basil & Gertrude', a tiny shop selling adorable antique items. But not your grandma's china type stuff!! Very country old French bits and pieces, amongst which was this little treasure above. A gorgeous little old wooden bobbin with 20mt (yes that's right) of adorable palest green velvet ribbon that cost me $29. Now that's a bargain if I ever saw one. I just wish I had bought the other one as well, oh well, maybe it will still be there in a couple of weeks!!!!

I had to rearrange my little bowl of cotton reels. A bigger wooden bowl, some fabric to match, old cotton reels and crochet hooks, my lovely darning mushroom and now beautifully tactile palest, minty green trim. Ooohh, I just love it.

The fabric, you want to know about that gorgeous fabric you say??

Oh, OK, that's the 'Worn & Loved' range. Remember when I went to the Craft and Quilt fair and said that I had other fabric to show you..........................

...............well this was one of I was really, really wicked that day!!!!!

He Who Works (my darling man) said that I had to wash the dishes for a month for being so wicked (we have an excellent dishwasher) so I probably deserved it, LOL

And before I go and forget to was lovely to meet Ann and her gorgeous daughter Hannah and I'm sure we will get together again ~ but perhaps not in a quilt shop next time being as I have absolutely no willpower whatsoever!


Lurline said...

Girls who aren't wicked are really dull and boring! Love your fabrics and memorabilia!
Hugs - Lurline♥

Julia said...

Love your fabrics...wicked is good now and again!..
Julia ♥

Maree: said...

Love your Wickedness..Gorgeous Fabrics..& I do Like your Old spools..they look Great in that Big Bowl...Nice that you got to meet up with a fellow Blogger too.

Kathie said...

what fun that must have been meeting up with Ann.
Lucky you and wow love the fabrics you bought
the lights from the worn and loved line look great!!!!!
oh the whole line looks great!
Oh yes that wildflower line, very tempting too!
love the wooden spool
my background fabric arrived yesterday, need to wash it and get going on my first block by the end of the week

Sew Useful Designs said...

Darling Lizzie, you make me giggle! You very naughty girl!!!
But there is that saying isn't there... Naughty but Nice! :-)

All of your fabrics and THAT velvet trim - just WOW!!!!

Looking at your fabrics always makes me drool... he he he

I'm glad you got to meet a blogging buddy - WELCOME TO ANN, BY THE WAY!!

Hugs and love
Vikki xoxoxo

Rumi said...

What a wonderful post. Love all your new treasures!

Julie said...

How funny. We were so close to meeting my parents for a day wandering around Castlemaine today. We have put if off for a few weeks, I'm desperate to go now after seeing all your goodies. Threadbear is a gorgeous shop and there are so many other little interesting shops to look at too.

Francien said...

Oh... we are all wicked Lizzie from time to time.. .although my DH says i am wicked all the time!!...there is no way i can do the tasks i promessed to do "when I could have that fabric"and its always "the last purchase for a long time to come"...."yeah yeah" he always says eyesrolling...
I love your "worn and loved" fabric..and they other two...and the lovely spool with the velvetty have bought the most wunderful things dear..that is going to be some quilt...again...
and you are so right...the quiltstores have to make a living you met Ann..maybe she needs some more fabric next month or
greetings Francien.

ozjane said...

I have that wildflower fabric in a jelly roll. bet you are the one who uses it first.
Enjoy and oh those Castelmaine shops are a trap....fortunately I still have l lot of those things from Mum's stitching supplies.

Jen said...

I love your wickedness....
I am wicked in that I bought my very first fatpack and have no idea in what to do with it.

Help me please oh wicked woman.


Micki said...

Your visit with Ann sounded like so much fun! Wicked is good sometimes, and your projects that you are planning are so nice.

Sweet P said...

It's fun to be a little wicked now and then. I love the arrangement in the wooden bowl. So much better than keeping fabric and trims hidden away.

Cathy said...

What a wickedly fabulous day you had!!! Wonderful to buy lots with a friend. I love your wooden spool with the velvet trim, I recently found one of those down our way (minus the velvet), and have bought it home to store all my ribbons on. They are great. I hope to start my civil war block today, yay! xo

Anonymous said...

such loveliness everywhere all that beautiful fabric but I must say I ADORE your basket of cotton reels love love love it!!!!

Blondie ~ Vintage Primitives said...

Wickedness bordering on obsessive/compulsive! LOL. Who could resist such treasures. I am with you on this journey of absolutely no willpower whatsover!
Always blessed


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