Monday, 3 August 2009

Quilting finished, quilting started and Bugs!

I found this colourful fellow on a piece of firewood this morning. He Who Works, splits firewood each morning, transports it via wheelbarrow to the house and stacks it on the verandah ready for our daily burning.
As I went to pick up a couple of logs for the lounge heater my hand screamed to a halt about 3 inches above him (insert body shudder). When I recovered from the shock of nearly squishing this amazing looking insect with my hand (insert another shudder) I grabbed the camera. Would you look at those horn things on the side of it's head, enough to give any right minded person the shudders!! Does anyone know what it is? I haven't seen one like this before, it's usually great big hairy Huntsman's that I nearly pick up with the wood (insert HUGE shudder) never anything this colourful.
Anyway, on to other more important things!
Please note picture below.................

................this my friends is Sam's quilt, all finished apart from binding. Well actually, it now has orange buttons in the middle of the yo yo's and the same orange buttons in each pink corner square.

I will do the binding this week, but that's it then.....................Finished.

This word of course is to convey something about Samantha (as all the words on her quilt do) but it is quite literally true of her's very colourful! I will post a photo of the quilt when I have stitched the binding on, hopefully the weather will improve and I can get it outside.
Now the question is - do I wash it before I give it to her or not? If it was for me, I would wash it, but it's for her birthday and she's only 12, I think I should leave it as is - help please!

This is Mum & Dad's anniversary quilt, as you can see, it's sandwiched, basted and I started the hand quilting last night. I'm only hand quilting the centre panel then machining the rest. Five weeks until their anniversary and at the moment Mum's Alzheimer's is on a level field, fingers crossed it stays that way for a little while!

I'm off now to cut out the applique pieces for Block one on my CWBQ, I cut all the background squares yesterday. Photo's soon.


Francien said...

BUG,S!!!It looks huge Lizzie...maybe it eats those who tryed and wake
And your quilts....what can I say..they look absolutly beautiful made and those colors are great..i love your parentsquilt!!...and I would not wash the quilt for Sam...if anything goes wrong you dont have the time to do it over...she will love it!! its gorgious...Good luck with the you will be busy this afternoon...
greetings x Francien.

Julie said...

It looks like a European Wasp. Not nice, especially when they bring friends!!!!
Sam's quilt is gorgeous. Give it a wash if you think it needs, get it all smelling fresh and sunny if you can get a good day.

Fiona said...

Your quilts are both gorgeous - You do such lovely work Lizzie... Not sure what the bug is but it looks awfully mean.....

Cathy said...

It does look waspish! I love your colourful quilt, I wouldn't wash it either (but I don't know why, I just don't wash them!). I just love your parents quilt, the colours are gorgeous, what a special daughter you are. I am buying the CWBQ pattern, don't know how quick I will be though with my Kim Mc, hexagons and 9 patches to do. xo

Maree said...

Not sure about the Bug..Your Quilts are's hard work lugging that wood...but oh how lovely to have a wood fire again...I do miss them.
Enjoy yours.

Sew Useful Designs said...

Hi Lizzie!! :-)

First of all - WOW! Your mum and dad's quilt is stunning! I love it! And Sam's quilt is looking fantastic too! I don't know about washing quilts sweetie... is it to give them a different "worn in" look? Or is it just to freshen the fabrics? I am sure Sam will love it exactly as it is!!

As for the little insect... it does so look like a wasp. But I can't see any wings? Maybe he traded them in to become a lumberjack?!

Lots of love sweetness!
Vikki xoxo

giggle... do you know what my word verification is? "loggies"! he he he... exactly what the little waspy-looking-bug likes to live on!!

Micki said...

Your quilts are just exquisite!
What lovely workmanship!

Jean C. said...

Hi I popped over from Cabbage Quilts...
Your quilts are lovely... bet your folks will really enjoy theirs. Hope your mom stays on an even field...
And the young ladies quilt is lovely too. I would just give it to her the way it is! Just make sure her mom knows how to cold water wash.... better safe than sorry!
Yep, I'm with the concenus... it's some sort of wasp... if it's cold there... it probably is having quite a hard time... which in the long run is good cause that makes it hard for it to come after you! I would check the wood pile for more!!! Or have Hewhoworks check for you.... sure don't want them in the house!


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