Sunday, 13 September 2009

60 Years of magic.................

60 years and they still have that magic together, they still have 'IT'.

Dad says 'IT' is honesty, Mum says 'IT' is making sure he knows what he's supposed to do, they both say 'IT' is everything ~ friendship, love, mateship, companionship, patience, respect, understanding ~ whatever 'IT' is, they still have it!!!!!!!!!!

Boy, did we have to do some coaxing for this shot.......... gorgeous is it?
Dad said that Mum set his heart a flutter again and that he needed a nap after all that frivolity.........

My brothers from left to right, Andy (the baby), Eric, Me & Bob with Mum and Dad.

Our gorgeous eldest daughter Rebecca at the front and our beautiful (future) daughter-in-law Anastasia.

Boys will be boys and Ryan thought that we should all inspect his tongue, very nice it is too Ryan. ;o))

.............and the irrepressible Jett, my great-nephew, mischief bundled into cuteness and I suspect the reason his mother might have a few grey hairs!!

Two adorable granddaughters posing in the gardens, you can see how warm it was, T shirts in September.......! Emily from Western Australia and Caitlin from here in Victoria

Chris & Anastasia, our youngest son and his beautiful bride to be...........

Our youngest daughter Sarah, over from Western Australia, cuddling up to her Dad..........

...........and last but by absolutely no means least, Mum and I.
I can't believe that I forgot to tell you what my niece gathered together for Mum and Dad.
She had procured letters of congratulations from everyone from the local (Geelong) Mayor up. She had :
The Mayor,
Local MP,
State MP,
Premier of Victoria- John Brumby,
Federal Member for Geelong,
The Governor of Victoria- David De Kretser,
The Prime Minister of Australia- Kevin Rudd,
The Governor General of Australia- Quentin Bryce.
Then the biggie:
The Queen of England, Elizabeth II.
For a pair of ex-Brits this was just amazing and wonderful, just topped off the day for them. Something to keep for the rest of their lives.
Well done Kylie.


Julie said...

I agree, they do seem have "IT". Love that you got them to have a smooch for the camera. Looks like a nice big family reunion. Happy days.

Anne-Lise at Rag, Tag, Bobtail said...

How lovely - thanks for sharing.

PatchworkRose said...

What a day of wonderful memories for all. All your family around and of so happy. They all have the look of enjoyment from a wonderful day :-) encluding the cheeky ones.

Francien said...

Oh what a lovely pictures Lizzie!!...Looking so good everyone!!!....and yes dear..i think you look the most like your Mum...It must have bin a wunderful day and did they like your presents?? ...yeah...silly question...ofcourse they did!!!and when i look at your "big"children at the pictures and ours ( mine ar 39 and 30 and i have 1 grandson of 4 we realize again that live somethimes goes to fast..thanks for sharing! thought about you this weekend how it would turn out such a was a lot of work and preparing for months and its over way to fast as well...indeed..."time flies when you are having fun"
greetings xFrancien.

Jeanette said...

Just beautiful Lizzie. Nice to see a couple still with "it" in these days & ages of so many divorces. Thanks for showing photo's of your parents special day. Hugs, Jeanette. PS: i've got my SIL doing CWBQ now. :)

Sew Useful Designs said...

Aawwwwwwww Lizzie!!! What an absolutely beautiful post... it brought a happy tear to my eye! :-) I don't know what else to say sweetie... BEAUTIFUL is the only word that fills my mind!

Thank you so much for sharing your mum and dad's special occasion with all of us! {{hugs}}

Your springtime blog-look is gorgeous too! Just like you!

Love and hugs!
Vikki xoxoxoxo

Fiona said...

Fantastic !!! What a remarkable milestone and aren't you the pretty one Miss Lizzie - Gorgeous photo's and a gorgeous family honey :) Now put those feet up - It's all over !!

Sue said...

Gorgeous, gorgeous pics Lizzie. What lovely family times you shared.

Rumi said...

Great post! What a wonderful gift your niece presented your parents with!

Lurline said...

Oh, Lizzie - what a magical day for you all - thanks for sharing!
Hugs - Lurline♥

Miriam said...


Isn't it wonderful to have family together for such a joyous occassion.
Beautiful photos.

Kim said...

An event to remember for years and years to come. The joy of the day shines in the faces of your parents, family and friends, but your smile seems to be the brightest of all with the love for your parents and family shining through. So happy you enjoyed a fabulous celebration!

Julia said...

How wonderful Lizzie..
Congratulations to Mum and Dad...
Lovely photos...
Julia ♥

Karen said...

Such a lovely post! You have a beautiful family.

liloca, liloquinha said...

Muito lindo e emocionante!!!!
Parabéns para eles!!

Sweet P said...

Belated Happy Anniversary to your parents.


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