Thursday, 24 September 2009

Giveaways everywhere.........

Lots of giveaways all over blogland at the moment, apart from the ones from 'the nutters' from Among the Gum Trees, Fiona from Mothers Cupboard is having a sale AND a giveaway. Also Lyn from Bluebird Quilts is having a giveaway for some gorgeous fabric and darling cookie cutters! Mmmmmm, I wouldn't mind adding some more cutters to my collection too!
So click on over and do some visiting, always nice to do. Grab a cuppa first though, you might be a while.
Now you might be just wondering why the sunflower pics? Yesterday I was telling you how cold and wet it was, still is actually!
Well, last week (I think) Julie had a post on her blog about sunflower seeds and the giving away of same! Now being a particular fan of these statuesque beauties, I put my hand up for a few of these and today the postman, well, Sue at the Post Office actually, handed over a lovely envelope that was fat and crinkly!
Thank you Julie. I shall be popping them into our lovely moist ground very soon I think, well perhaps next month here.

So I just thought I would show you my last sunflower crop, this was January 2008, didn't have any this year. We hung up the dried heads in the trees last winter for the parrots to feast on, so Julie's seeds are much appreciated.
Don't you just love the photo of the sunflower nearly open, just showing it's lovely colours to the sun? And look at the Alliums, with their beautiful orb shaped flowers, the agapanthus too, the dublin bay rose showing it's lovely red blossoms through the ornamental grape............sigh, can you tell I'm waiting for summer..........sigh?

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Julie said...

Oh good, they arrived. I'm going to stagger my planting so I have them in flower for longer. I planted them in September last year and got a good crop but they were gone all too soon. They make lovely photos don't they.


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