Saturday, 26 September 2009

A Good day to stay indoors........

The weather has been so cold, wet and windy this last few days that this very brief, but very cold snow shower didn't really come as much of a surprise this afternoon. I think it lasted all of about two minutes, just long enough to grab a camera and snap a shot from the verandah! So what's a girl who is totally non interested in Grand Final games of any sort, to do? :o)
Yep, not much competition there is there? Footy v Sewing. Absolutely no contest whatsoever. LOL!
This is Caitlin's birthday quilt, her birthday is the last week of November so I thought that I had better get started on it. I was just going to do random squares, rectangles and strips but then I decided to put the flower panel in the middle somewhere! The flower patterns are from
Kellie Wulfsohn's (Don't Look Now) 'Love Birds' quilt, from 'The Garden Issue' of Australian Homespun. I'm pretty sure it was last month's issue?
Just playing around with the fabric at the moment. I machine appliqued the flowers and stems on, still have lots of leaves to put on there and have a little bird and lady bug that I'm hand stitching on to the flowers. I thought that I might applique some individual flowers on some of the squares and perhaps some stems, leaves and a bird or two on long strips, just randomly around. Did I say I had 8 weeks or 80??

This is my groom block for the CWBQ, I'm not very happy with the way it's going at the moment. Lots more flowers, leaves, some cherries and another pear to go on yet! I had to make this block up because I decided she needed a groom! He's looking as if he's got a decidedly feminine waist right now, not sure what to do with him? Perhaps a leaf or flower to just hide that slim little waist? I really don't want to pull him off, this is the second attempt, one more and I might just have to leave him out I think!


Janet said...

Oh the birthday quilt looks good already, it's going to be loved. As for the groom, you have to be happy with him so I understand. I'll wait and see what you do.

Anonymous said...

Love your CWBQ blocks! Your groom block looks good, but if you want to adjust it a little - make the line from the shoulder to hem straight down, that should do away with the "feminine waist"! Looking forward to seeing more blocks and starting my own blocks as well - Sue

Micki said...

I love your CWBQ blocks! I just ordered the patterns from Threadbare, and I can't wait to get them.

Margaret said...

I love your daughter's birthday quilt! It's wonderful! Do you use transparent thread to machine applique? Someone told me that's what people use. Your groom -- maybe just slim him up toward the bottom and make his sides not go in as much? I'm not sure why he's looking feminine. He looks pretty ok otherwise. I hope he works for you!

Francien said...

Caitlin,s quilt is going to look so pretty Lizzie!!love the flowers...cant help you with the groom though..although what Sue wrote would help i think...and i have gone back to your post of your workspace to take a closer look at your machine...are you satisfied with your Pfaff?? My machine is giving up it seems somethimes...i have got it for 20 years now..and what did i notice?? no pincushion?? i have to sent you a new one?? just will be around in your lovely room somewere..and then snow!...that lies in the future again for us here in Holland in the next few months ..but first my favorite...autumn..
have a good Sunday...greetings xxx Francien.

Sew Useful Designs said...

Hi darling Lizzie!!!

I think your blocks are looking fabulous!! I didn't see anything wrong with your groom at all! But my suggestion would be maybe a black belt appliqued either side of his sash... just to disguise the waist. Although, he does look just fine to me!

Caitlin's quilt is GORGEOUS!!! Love it!!! As I'm sure she will too!

Love and hugs my darling friend
Vikki xoxoxoxo

Julie said...

Brrrr Cold here too but no snow thank goodness.

Your flowers look great.

Esther said...

Love your blocks. Regarding groom I think he needs mens shirt collar-lapel?

Deb said...

Lovely collection of photos - isn't the Vic weather nuts! Caitlin will be one happy girl when she gets this quilt. The CWB blocks look great. I don't this guy is too girly - maybe a thick belt instead of a sash?

Karen said...

Caitlin's quilt is so sweet! As for the groom...don't give up. You will disappoint the bride! :)

Mistea said...

The birthday quilt looks fantastic - now if you have done this much already I'm sure you'll get the rest of the decorations done before the big day. Enjoy

Teresa said...

Hi Lizzie,

Oh...I LOVE your groom! Don't despair! I think he looks totally in character with the rest of the quilt! I wouldn't worry about his waistline (he certainly isn't!)...maybe his wife is just a fabulous cook, cooking up all those fruits, veg and birds that they are surrounded by on their farm...and in their quilt. Please, keep would be tragic for him to not join the block party in progress!

In stitches,
Teresa :o)

Jen said...

Wow Lizzie, Caitlin's quilt has moved along since I saw it the other day.
She'll love those gorgeous bright be sure to be sure.
Also, I don't see the femininity in your groom. He looks decidedly masculine to me...a real quaker from my perspective.
Almost 'Far from the Maddening Crowd' if you get my drift...
You know what your trouble are too much of a perfectionist!


wow! where were you when I needed folks for my applique donation quilt! nice work!

Micki said...

Your appliqued quilt puts a bit of spring in the air. Love the CWBQ blocks. I just ordered the pattern. Could you tell me where you got the fabric for the blocks? I will be ordering some to begin the quilt, and was just wondering.
Great job!

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