Monday, 14 September 2009

Lets Swap....................

I've been having a bit of a spring clean in some storage boxes. We are planning on doing some (small) extension's to the house later this year/early next year and part of this will involve the room I currently use as my workroom, so I thought I would start early moving and sorting 'stuff'!!
I have quite a few cheater quilt panels and some reasonably large bits of fabric that I know I won't use. A few of them are baby boy orientated and our babiest boy is going to school next year!! I think he's a bit past Blue Jean Teddy now! So I thought that someone else might be more than happy to use them. What I thought was this...............You can see what they are, make me an offer of some fabric that you no longer need/like/use. If you are a regular visitor you know what I like in fabric, anything really except neon's and I'm not that in love with 30s repro, but thats about it.
It can be charm squares, fat 1/4s, like colours/tones bundled together - surprise me. I don't mind posting OS if we are both happy, could be fun, lets give it a go...................
OK, Swap 1:
Obviously Blue Jean Teddy cot panel. The size is 106cm x 89cm or 42" x 35".
Isn't he adorable, never been washed, just as new.

Swap 2:
I've had this fabric for ages. Oh yes, all of these are 100% cotton/quilters quality fabric.
There is just a fraction under 2mts/just over 2 yards in one continuous piece and another smaller piece as well. So enough for a cot quilt back with some leftover.

Swap 3:

These are two little panels, maybe cushions? Lovely soft cotton, really cute.

Swap 4:

This is a whole piece of Christmas themed fabric, there are six panels in all, three snowmen and three Christmas Angels and birdhouses. This measures 138cm x 115cm or 54" x 45".
Brand new, never been washed.

Swap 5:

Another Christmas panel, this one is a little wall quilt, some Christmas ornaments and a huge stocking. All together this measures 116cm x 90cm or 45" x 35".

Lovely country Christmas colours.

I haven't finished going through boxes yet so there could/probably/certainly is more. I'm not expecting huge things from this, I just thought it might be a way to freshen up my/your stash of fabric and I can't justify giving it all away at the moment. I'm not going to use any of this so a fat quarter or two would be nice and I thought it would be good fun too.
What do you think?
Do you have bits of fabric that you no longer like but I might love?
Are you game to give it a go for the price of postage?
Send me an email with a pic of what you want to swap and we can take it from there!!
Oh yes, I'm not adverse to a second hand pattern or two either.


Julie said...

Great idea, I have enough baby stuff of my own unused but will stay tuned to see what else pops up.

Francien said...

To be honest Lizzie..i too have those fabric in the back of my cupboards..but i never used them..did made one babyquilt for my grandson with little dogs..he still loves to sleep with it...but i am also curious what kind of fabric you get for them...its a good idea though...i am planning to giveaway these fabrics and others i never used and to be honest dont like anymore to woman who make quilts for the childrenshospital here...they are named: " droomdekentjes" comfortblankets for sick children..i like that idea and they do a very good good luck with your swap and keep us posted...greetings x Francien.


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