Friday, 18 September 2009

Lovely mail of a different kind.................

No squishy, soft fabric parcels today. Instead one with a live sticker on it. It must be spring........the mail order plants are starting to arrive!! WooooHoooo!!
Oh no, wait a minute, that means less time stitching.............
stitching .....................planting, planting...................stitching??
Both creative and the sun's shining today so the garden it is.
I love getting mail order plants, all snuggled up in their little packages, just waiting to be released and planted into the warm (soon) earth. These are mostly Australian Natives I think.
Things with delicious names like Woolly Grevillea, Winpara Gem, Possum Magic and Blushing Bride. Or what about Protea 'Inca Gold' and 'Carnival Yellow'. We've also got some Banksia Ericifolia and Violet Honey Myrtle, a Weeping Myall and some Philadelphus Grandifloru or Mock Orange Blossom to you and I. Lots of Penstemon 'Hidcote Pink' too which is a particular favourite, such a lovely long flowering time with the Penstemons.
Do you think this 'Blushing Bride' is living up to her name, just peeping out to have a look at the world around her. She certainly shows a lot of promise for magnificent blooms!

Just some of them waiting to be released and have a drink.

On Sunday, He Who Works has a day off, so we will have a planting day I think, the ground is lovely and moist after this weeks rain - perfect.

And this is the second box that arrived today.............yummo!!

Beautiful, big, brown, meaty, earthy Portabello mushrooms, home grown. What could be better?
We love mushrooms, especially Portabello's.
Just goes to show, not every package has to be squishy to be delightful, every second one will do. LOL


Lurline said...

Looks exciting all those new plants, Lizzie - I've been out in the garden fighting weeds - back to it soon!
Hugs - Lurline♥

Julie said...

My!! You are going to be very busy. More seeds in the post this weekend. Julie xx

Fiona said...

Yummy parcel Lizzie - The next best thing to fabric :)

Margaret said...

That's one thing I don't do -- gardeing. I'm allergic to dirt. lol! Love the mushrooms though!

Francien said...

Wauw Lizzie,the parcel looks super...a lot of work to plant them but the result will be so rewarding and makes one always so proud... mushrooms...who can live without them...I just love the browns( kastaniemushrooms they are named here)they taste so good with all colors peppers i just put them in a wok for a few lovely with chicken or steak..i eat them so much that if they would grow inside me i would be a treat your plants and everything well ( i know you do!!) and we will see the pictures of them when they have grown.Great parcels and you can do it!! stitching and planting...from what i have read here you have overcome more tasks at onces and did a very good job!!
greetings Francien

Kim said...

The hope of spring and pots and pots of lovely plants to plunk in the warm soil. These plants will bring much joy for seasons to come. Enjoy your planting time, enjoy soaking up the delicious sunshine. The stitching will wait for your poor tired and sore body to find it once you've crawled into your comfy chair to recover from playing in the dirt, lol. Big grin!!! :o)

Deb said...

Oh I also love Garden Express...what a good mail order service they are. Your plants look great. Isn't it an exciting time of the year?

Micki said...

I never ordered plants in the mail...what a neat idea and what fun!
It would be exciting!


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