Monday, 21 September 2009

Spring Clean.............

This weekend I decided that it was time to clean out my sewing room, honestly, I had accumulated so much stuff that there wasn't a shelf that wasn't groaning under the weight.
The room that I claim as my own is actually the third bedroom and it's directly off the lounge room. This house is only a small weatherboard about 80 years old and as such the rooms are quite small and storage is non-existent really, this room is part of an extension from later years and has a slightly sloping low ceiling. Being off the lounge room it also tends to become a catch-all for some people (I'm not saying who but there are only two of us living here!!) to dump things that don't have an immediate home!
So walking in there on Saturday morning and looking at something else that had absolutely no business being there, well, I have to admit, I lost the plot!!!! Instead of a tranquil day of stitching I had two days of insanity. You know of course that by the time I had emptied every shelf and cupboard, dragged all the furniture out into the lounge, had boxes and boxes of fabric, scrap booking gear, magazines spread all over the house - I was over it and just wished I hadn't started the whole thing! And of course, I couldn't stop because there was no where to sit in the kitchen OR lounge so I had to carry on.........sigh!
Anyway, yesterday I finally finished. I've stashed scrap booking stuff in big plastic storage containers out in the shed (thank goodness it's a rural shed and big), anything not pertaining to what I want to do is out there, safely packaged against vermin in those great plastic toy boxes from Big W. All that's left is some fabric, some fabric, quilt tops, buttons, some fabric, notions, threads, fabric.....................OK, you get the picture. ;0)
This view is looking from just inside the door from the lounge room, the window looks out over a verandah, the back garden and a rose garden. Nice in the summer, we get winter sun through this window but no summer sun.

This picture above is looking back from near the window, the door into the lounge is just on the right. The little alcove beside the cupboard has become my sitting and sewing area, there's a better view further down.

This wall on the right is being replaced when we do our extensions next year, so for now I've fastened some cotton batting on one side and some black/dark grey fleece fabric next to it. When I get my new room, I will have a full wall covered in flannel or fleece right from day one, much neater. But this does the trick for now.

Just thought you might like to see what's on there. On the top of the black section are my finished Civil War Bride blocks and below them are the blocks I was stitching before my life was over taken by the Civil War! On the right side, on the cotton batting is the start of Caitlin's birthday quilt, still a lot of work to go on that one! The odd blocks that are on the wall I found in boxes and bags, bit's of unmade quilts? Probably just a try out block for something I didn't carry on with! Story of my life..........

This is a better shot of my sewing corner, you can see my lovely Diamond in a Square that I made a few years ago. I love the colours in this quilt, it always looks so rich and glowing!!

Of course, the all important computer area where I sit now looking through the window that looks directly out onto the garden and gate leading out to our few acres. We have no neighbors so we have no need for curtains, I like that I can look out and only see birds and plants, nice!

Stashed away in one of the boxes I cleaned out was this crumpled brown paper bag, inside...

.....were these. Paper templates and leftover bits from the first full size quilt I ever made. It was a Schoolhouse quilt, all blues and whites. I made it for our youngest daughter and she still has it. It is worn badly in many places, this is the quilt that she has always used if she was ill and when she was pregnant. Her kids have always dragged it around when they were sick. It's a comfort quilt for her. At the moment she needs comforting so she will be wrapped in her soft, raggedy quilt, taking comfort. Every stitch on this quilt was hand done, Sarah has promised to take photo's for me. She took some bits of blue fabric back to W.A. with her last week and even though her medium is canvas and paint, she will endeavour to put some saving stitches in her quilt because she loves it still.


Deb said...


There is nothing in your post - or have I missed something?

Shiree said...

Hi Lizzie,
thank you for the tour of your workspace, it is always nice to see where other people create.A clean out is always good for the soul, get organised and start over again. Well done!

Julie said...

I love your room. I don't have curtains either for the same reason, nice to let all that light in. My room is at the far end of the house and still manages to be the dumping ground.

Janet said...

I bet you can't wait for the extensions. Thanks for the tour of the creative space of yours. I like those quilts that get used to death, repairs are a good thing in my book.

PatchworkRose said...

Lizzie I think that you are a very brave woman cleaning out your sewing room. Would not know where to start in mine.

Blanca Abreu González said...


Tara said...

I only wish I had a wall like that! Not to mention a room all to myself. Is it rude to ask guests to stay somewhere else and take over the guest bedroom? But that will only work until I have another kid! Maybe I should change my plans!

Francien said...

Well Lizzie, your workspace is as large as all of our a lovely place..and the quilts!!!..super....i always have a "clean-up or clear-out"weekend...but it always ends up putting everything back because i cant part with it does not help much...and when i put everything in beautiful big containers... which have to be the same ofcourse and bought especially for the occasion...i cant find anything so everythhing comes out again...wast of time really...well done you...your room looks very cosy..and so your stitchery quilt and the lovely bag on the cupboard..the sewingmachine...and those could lock me up for weeks in your room with only bread and
greetings xxx Francien.
greetings Francien.

Kim said...

Atta girl! Got that sewing room whipped into working condition. Lot's of good stuff in there, too
! Love the story about your daughter's quilt, hope she can make the repairs so it will last for years to come. Love's a very good thing!

Sew Useful Designs said...

Ah Lizzie! Thank you for the tour of your sewing and crafting space! I love it! And I had such a giggle when you said you pulled everything out to sort it out, and then wished you hadn't! I've been there so many times (mainly with the kids' toys!!!)

I am SO wanting to make that Civil War Quilt... your blocks look gorgeous up on your design wall. It truly is a beautiful space! Thanks for sharing, my lovely friend!

Vikki xoxoxo

Karen said...

Wonderful sewing room Lizzie! So nice and big!

Cubby House Crafts said...

Thankyou for sharing your sewing room..I'm on a roll today..have found 2 new fantastic blogs from bloghopping..have to add you to favs! lisa


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