Saturday, 17 October 2009

It's finally stopped raining............. I thought I would show you some more photo's of my gardens. I've been cursing the rain in the last week, I'm just so over it. I know it's the wrong thing to say (I'll have the climate police after me) but I don't care, everything is so green and moist we need some sun now to warm the soil up a wee bit - and my bones!!
I absolutely adore forget-me-nots, but I have to pull them out as soon as they finish flowering. The seeds get into the dogs ears and in between their toes and cause no end of problems, so they probably have another week and out they come!
This is the view down one of our driveways, we have another that goes off to the left of this photo, by January, this will all be burnt brown again. Oh yes, this is the view from our dining room/kitchen too, pretty good hey?
Silver Birch. This time last year the parrots had practically stripped this tree of catkins but this year they've hardly touched it. I suppose there is plenty of food around for them at the moment.

Ajuga Reptans 'Caitlins Giant'. Fabulous ground cover all year round with great spikes of brilliant purple in spring. Gorgeous.

Look at this, rhubarb flowers. I should get out and cut them off really, although it's not stopping the rhubarb growing. It's huge this year, all that extra precipitation falling from the sky I suppose!

Not strictly in the garden, but on the verandah, Freedom Bells, how gorgeous is the red?

Tiny, beautiful true Geranium, don't know what this one is called, it was one I got from one of the girls at the gardening group I go to every month down in Ballan.

I call this fellow my 'wacky bird', I bought him at 'The Secret Garden' in Daylesford and I just love him. He spins around in the strong wind and reminds me of me some days, in a spin and don't know which way I'm facing!!

I love lavender and have it dotted all over the place, pretty drought tolerant too. Just up the road (literally) from us is this place, yet we've never been there! How bad is that, has to be all of 5km away, isn't it always the way though that you never get to see whats on your own doorstep??

The first white Iris showing it's buds in between two silver birch trees. Quite often we lose the flowers on these Iris because of frost. It's not unusual to get frost around here in October and even into early November, this year it's been cold but very few frosts, so, the flowers will be fabulous!!

Bellis Perennis, beautiful little English Daisy's peeking out over the edge of a little brick wall.
So, that's my garden in October, notice there are no long shots, that's so you can't see the weeds that have grown like ~ well ~ weeds in all this rain! With interruptions (phone call from youngest son, making a cuppa, let the dogs in and out) I've been sat here doing this post for a couple of hours and guess what........? It hasn't rained in all that time.............yay!!!
I'm off to do some stitching now I think, I have to try and get block 13 of my CWBQ finished. It's been lingering now for over two weeks, I need to get it finished. I want to finish Caitlin's quilt and make a start on a table runner for Christmas out of some of my dyed wool, also want to make a couple of bags for presents too. Hmmm, better move myself, busy, busy days ahead I think.
Have a great weekend everyone.............


Julie said...

Spent a lovely day in the garden here too admiring all the lovelies in bloom or about to. Thanks for the tour, nice view by the way, at least you have hills, dead flat here.

Marls said...

Thanks for the tour of your garden-absolutely beautiful. Will swap you the rain for some of Brisbane sunshine - we need rain. The gardens are not surviving well at all and to see green grass at the moment is rare-shades of brown are the go up here.
Hope the sun stays shining and enjoy your stitching.

Anonymous said...

I will swap your rain any day, I am watching my garden slowly die, it is so sad.
Hope you do get a bit of sun.


Beth Karese said...

I really enjoyed the walk through your gardens. The trees in Minnesota are at their peak of fall color... golden yellows, reds, orange. It's fun seeing October from the other side of the world.

The pic I especially liked was the one down your driveway. Be still my heart. I don't live in the country, but hope / long to again.

PatchworkRose said...

Wish my rhubarb was growing like that! Just love your gardens, and the wacky bird :-)
Have a good rest of your weekend

Francien said...

Now i see why you love to live where you do and don,t want to move is so beautiful and peaceful...the view of your kitchen is awesome...and somuch flowers..that too must be a pleasure to look at every day....and i have dried lavender everywhere in the little pillows are pouchbags ..even on the it smells so lovely...
its about 9 o,clock at your house now so maybe you have already done some stitching...i am off to work on my Dresden Plates now...
have a fine weekend
greetings ♥ Francien.

Fiona said...

As always I simply adore your garden photo's.... I really must get out in mine once the grounds dries out a litle.

Deb said...

Your garden is looking lovely. Desperately want to play in mine today - no rain - but have to go out. But I've been feeling the same as you "when am I allowed to start compalining about the rain";)

Betweens said...

Lizzie.. you have the most beautiful oasis!! living in the country now a days is a true luxury...thanks for letting me enjoy your view..

Lurline said...

Pretty, pretty - I really ennjoy those pics!
Hugs - Lurline♥

Sew Useful Designs said...

Wow Lizzie!!!

Thank you for the tour of your beautiful garden! It's so beautiful... is it a little piece of England for you with those daisies too?

Lots of love to you darling lady, darling friend, darling girl!

Vikki xoxo

Mrs Moen said...

Your garden must be wonderful! I cannot believe you made all those fabulous wool fabrics from one blanket!

Sue said...

Thanks for taking me on a walk through your garden Lizzie. I loved every minute (& every leaf)of it.

Kim said...

Goodness, your spring season looks like our late summer season! Gorgeous, all of it!!

Cubby House Crafts said...

What lovely flowers you have! Thankyou for sharing! lisa

Sweet P said...

What a beautiful place to live. Thanks for sharing it.


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