Friday, 2 October 2009

Lots to tell................ grab a cuppa, put your feet up and come visit for a while.
First off I finally finished my groom block for the Civil War Bride quilt, thanks for all your wonderful suggestions and words of encouragement. This is such a huge thing for me, I don't think I've ever done this much applique on one quilt before ~well ~ not without stopping for a year or two in between starting and finishing, lol! Anyway, I gave him some flowers to hold and I'm happy with the way he is now, there will be a block in between the bride and the groom (a table and more flowers in an urn) so that will change the way it looks again! I'm loving the colours of this, much brighter than I thought it was going to be, although those of you following the 'Bride blog' will know that it's not the brightest on the blog at all!!

It's been a funny week weather wise, freezing cold on the weekend, then milder now cold again today. Good rainfall though, Victoria had the wettest September in a decade, so good news for the farmers watching their wheat crops grow taller and taller, well any crops really! In our little part of the country we had 138mm of rain last month, three times the amount we had same month last year, so a vast improvement :o))

This week was the fortnightly meeting of my patchwork group, but as we meet at the Community House in Ballan we can't meet in the school holidays as the house is closed. So we took a little road trip on Wednesday, aka 'a spending spree'!! Four of us did a tour of a few quilt shops within an hour of where we all are. We also felt compelled to visit some Op Shops (Thrift Shops I think you call them in America) and a couple of second hand stores too.

This was my bargain of the day, bought at the Salvation Army store in Gisborne, a double bed size pure Australian wool blanket! Destined to be cut up, dyed and felted for gorgeous applique. I've been wanting to do something 'Sue Spargo inspired' for a while, so this might be my chance?

Yes, I did pay only $10 for it, how much of a bargain was it? 'He Who Works' suggested it would be quite a good blanket for one of the furry members of our family and just couldn't understand the indignation with which his suggestion was received. He won't think it's the same stuff once it's been cut up and dyed. Have to get some fresh beetroot tomorrow, I have a hankering to use some natural dyes as far as I can, plenty of onion skins in the basket, now what can I use to get a deep green colour - have to google it!!

Our primary reason for going to Gisborne was to go here. Lorraine from Quilters Bizarre is one of our group from CWBQ blog, so we met up in her gorgeous shop and compared blocks, it was lovely to meet and have a chat about the quilt and I hope we can do it again? Well, we couldn't not buy some of her fabulous fabric now could we? Would have been awfully rude to just have coffee and leave, I mean, we just had to..............sigh!!!

So I bought some pinks for my bride quilt and this pack of fat 1/8ths because, well, because I liked them!! My three quilting amigos were just as impressed as I was and felt that they too should partake of some of the delights at the Quilters Bizarre. If you are out Gisborne way, go pay Lorraine and the girls a visit, I promise you won't be disappointed.
Just down the road and round the corner from Quilters Bizarre (literally) is 'The Drapers of Mt Macedon', how fabulous would it be to live in a little country town that has TWO quilt shops.....another sigh!!

The first four fabrics, all the pinky reds, I'm going to use as background squares for applique, not sure what yet but maybe something along the lines of the quilts in 'Quilting the Garden' from Blackbird Designs, I really love that look, busy, busy!! The gorgeous red spotty fabric I just really liked, so I had to have it. I don't buy metreage very much, I prefer to buy fat 1/4s but every now and then I just like to buy a couple of metres of something that hits the spot (oops, sorry) and this spotty red did just that!

Yesterday, I took myself off to Geelong to see mum and dad, I haven't been down since before the school holidays began, had a bit of a break from driving. It was nice to stay home but I miss seeing the two rebels down there! Although, I have to say, being in the car with them on the way to do some shopping I nearly changed my mind!! End of school holidays squabbles, shouts and lots of baiting from the 13yr-old to his nearly 12 sister. Anyway, the book and pattern above were waiting patiently for me at the Post Office on the way out. I bought Lynette Andersons adorable book 'An Angels Wish' last week, the pattern is a gift from Lorraine from here, thank you Lorraine I love it!

Then this arrived today from The Fat Quarter Shop. Now some of this is destined to be a gift, that's all I'm saying along that line right now, but I have to be truthful, it's mostly mine...!!

I have an addiction to buying the whole range of something that I really like, so I bought fat quarters of 'The Caroler' by Mary Engelbrett for Moda. I can't see that I will do anything with this until next year, but it will make some fabulous Christmas 'things'!!

The other is the kit for this pattern, 'Aviary' by 3 Sisters for Moda.
I've been coveting it for a while now and when the FQS had a September sale, it was reduced to half price. I knew that I would regret not getting it later, so another thing to go away for a rainy day. Maybe I should be hoping that our drought doesn't break just yet?? No, No, we need lots more rain yet!

And last for this marathon post. Caitlin's quilt is coming along nicely, I've appliqued all the flowers, a bird and a lady bug on the panel. There is some stitching I want to do but I will leave all that to the very last.

Still trialing some fabric placements for the bottom half, but all in all, I'm liking it!

Well, that's just about it I think for now, have to actually get away from this computer and do some sewing!! Time to make something to eat though now. 'He Who Works' is off for the weekend from late (midnight) tonight. As he was leaving for work this afternoon, he casually informed me that we are going down to Geelong in the morning to look at a house????? A house to buy??? Shouldn't ask! Don't know where it came from, completely out of the blue!! Lunch with daughter and grandchildren on a Saturday is a bonus. so I'll just enjoy! When I know, I'll let you know!!
I nearly forgot to tell you to click on over to Julia's here, she's having a lovely giveaway in celebration of finishing her fabulous 'Dear Jane', go pay her a visit!


Rebecca said...

Well you have been busy and what a nice parcel of fabric. You should be proude of your self your civil war quilt is looking good.
Hugs Bec

Sue said...

You're a great shopper Lizzie. I'm lusting after the Mary Englebrett "Caroler"...Hmmm... might have to order some.

Margaret said...

What a lovely post! I love your CWBQ blocks all together. And all that stash! Yum! Must have been a fun shopping trip! Don't you love packages from the Fat Quarter Shop? They're always so fast to mail too. :D

Sew Useful Designs said...

Gosh Lizzie, what a thoroughly enjoyable read! I love the way you write and always enjoy reading about what you are up to! Gosh.. those Mary Engelbreit fabrics are making me drool! I think I shall *have* to go visit the Fat Quarter Shop!!! It would be rude not to... wouldn't it?!!!

I'm intrigued about the house your DH wants to go and view!

Oh, and your Civil War blocks are stunning! Absolutely gorgeous!

Hugs and love in abundance!
Vikki xoxo

Francien said...

I knew you were "brooding"on a large post and did "notty"things again!! just kidding...i did not had enough of one cup of coffee to read it and look at the lovely pictures again..and the links too..i really love the fabric,s...the blanket and the book of LA is so great...well you did good again dear!!and your quilts...told you already that i could not do that much applique but it looks so good...and Caitlyn,s quilt is so pretty and bright...
And a house in Geelong??how wunderful....and buy one in Gislong too...2 quiltshops would never want to leave and try to win the lottery)went to the sites of the links you i definitely go and buy a lottery ticket tomorrow and dream on...
Have a wunderful weekend..take good care of the fabrics!!..♥ ...Francien.

Fiona said...

It was so nice to catch up on everything that you have been doing - Love the look of that Aviary quilt - It is such a lovely range isn't it? I have the Angel book - It is lovely. XXXXX


Janet said...

What a lovely read Lizzie and a bit of everything too. I just love your CWB blocks, fabulous job on them.

Bizarre Quilter said...

Wow! Look at all that "shop and tell". Spoil yourself! You deserve it!! LOL!!

Micki said...

Wow Lizzie! I loved it all! Your blocks are just so pretty, and it is wonderful that you allowed yourself to spoil yourself.
Have a wonderful Sunday!

Deb said...

Lovely post Lizzie. You sure are one busy girl. Great news about the rain too. We have also had quite a bit of rain in the city. Maybe we won't all die of dehydration after all!


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