Sunday, 25 October 2009

That was the week that was............ it just me or are the weeks just flying by??
I can't seem to catch up with things that I want to get done at the moment! He Who Works, has holidays starting the last weekend of November and there are a heap of things that I really want to get out of the way before then. We're not going anywhere, it's too close to Christmas (although I'm working on sneaking a quick trip across some borders for a few days, sshhhh!) but we will do day trips here and there. We want to spend a day over at Maldon, perhaps another in the city (Melbourne) to have a look at the Myer Christmas windows and the Christmas shop and I wouldn't mind a day wandering along some shopping strips over in the Eastern suburbs. Perhaps Malvern or Camberwell?
Anyway, I need to finish some things so that I have some clear days. SO, why did I start something else?
I had this lovely Samsara fabric that I bought over at Lorraines place in Gisborne PLUS, I had my wool that I dyed. I was itching to do something, and the wool & the fabric just looked so nice together. This started out as something for the Christmas table, perhaps a runner or cloth but then it 'morphed' into something else.........sigh!! This block is from the 'Holly & Mistletoe' quilt in the book 'When the Cold Wind Blows' from Blackbird Designs. It's a 21" x 19" block, smaller than the original but I wanted to use the fat quarter I had for the background, I have more applique to do on it yet. The holly leaves are wool as are the berries and the mistletoe leaves are green velvet. I have to move the two red holly berries that are on the mistletoe branch (got sort of carried away). The mistletoe berries of course are creamy in colour. I'm not sure yet what else will happen or where it will go once this block is finished. I shall of course keep you informed ;o).

I've finally finished the table block on my CWBQ, it's taken an age to get this block done, three more blocks and I'll be half way with the blocks!

I still get excited every time I look at how it's progressing, it's just such a wonderful quilt.

Now I'm hoping to impress here so would you all put on a suitable 'I'm impressed face'. The other day I opened a comment email from the
CWBQ blog and was thrilled to read ....

"So excited this famous Album is being reproduced widely!! Elly Sienkiewicz, The Appliqué Academy® ", were you suitable impressed?? I was! The applique queen leaving a comment on our blog. Insert very big grin! I think it had something to do with the lovely
Bobbie from here, if you scroll down to the second post (I think) it might give you an explanation.

Ok, back down to earth. I've finished piecing Caitlin's quilt together, it just has to be squared off now. I'm not putting any borders on, just sandwiching, quilting and binding. The bit you can just see to the right of the quilt top, is a strip of leftover fabric that I just stitched together to put in the backing, which I haven't bought yet, hence it's still on the wall!

Back in April, I found these stashed away and declared that I wanted something done with it, well I've been working on and off on it since then and this is as far as I've got. I still have one Christmas ornament to stitch on the side then I can put it together. There is a slim chance that I can have it done for THIS Christmas, but it's only a slim one you understand. LOL!

I thought that I would show this to you, the top of my computer mini tower. Does anyone else do that? Cover every available space, I think some would (unkindly) call it clutter, for me it's the emphemera of my life. My little things that I have to have around me to function on a daily basis. A changing collage of things that matter in a small way, little reminders that life is short but very, very sweet. I seem to do it in every room of the house, yep, even the bathroom! Oh yes, do you see the little 'Ticketek' ticket that golly is leaning against? WooHoo, that's my next trip to the theatre. Not until February though, Rebecca, Caitlin and I are off to see the fabulous 'Mamma Mia!'. John and I saw it the first time around, this time it's the 10th Anniversary tour. First time for Rebecca and Caitlin. Amazing show. Can't wait!!

I have a few sneaky peeks to show you. I'm nearly finished getting together my Advent Swap and I have some PIFs that are almost ready to head off on an adventure with the Big Red Truck from Australia Post!

The gorgeous Fiona from Mothers Cupboard is my swapee (hmm, is that a word?) and I know that she's busy (hopefully, very busy) at the Hobart Show this weekend, but you never know when she might be looking. So just little tempting macro shots of little bits of things.

Anyway, no one knows whats for the Advent swap and what's PIF, so that's Ok!

Don't you just love that Sandcastle fabric for stitching, it's gorgeous.
Ok, Ok enough teasing, I think that's it for now, it's raining - again! A couple of days of beautiful spring weather and back to rain today, not much, just enough to wet the washing on the line, of course!! I'm going to sit in front of the fire, yes, it's cold today too, and listen to my new audio book while I stitch. I just bought the new Diana Gabaldon novel - 'Echo in the Bone'. Did you read her time traveller books? Cross Stitch, Dragonfly in Amber etc. Excellent reading, I love standing stones and the myths of them. And of course, the American Revolution. I think there is 38 hours to listen to with this new one, 6 parts anyway, I finished part one on Friday. So I'm off back to 'Lallybroch', Scotland, a revolutionary war in the colonies and the delectable Jamie Fraser.


Fiona said...

Not fair!!! I want to se more - LOL !!! Simply adore Caitlin's quilt - It is just stunning Lizzie !!


Julie said...

wow, wow and wow, All lovely. How special to get that comment on your CWBQ, Caitlin's quilt is beautiful and its not you.....the weeks ARE flying by.

Sew Useful Designs said...

Lizzie! Lizzie! Lizzie!
I don't even know where to begin to respond to this post! What a treat to read... and discover what you've been up to... and all those wonderful photos of those Wonderful projects! I'm speechless! (well, for me! he he)...
Your Civil War quilt is *to die for*, I love every inch of it! Caitlin's quilt is amazing, she is sure going to love it! A trip to Malvern eh? Maybe we could meet up for coffee? *wink*! The sneak peeks... ooh, Fiona is in for a treat! And... well... just *everything*!!! Thanks for a totally absorbing and interesting read!

Loves ya! Vikki xoxo

Margaret said...

You have so many beautiful projects! A post to drool over, that's for sure! Caitlin's quilt is just gorgeous, as are all your other projects. Love how you're using some of your dyed wools -- great stuff! And Elly Sienkiewicz -- once again, that is just thrilling!

Micki said...

The Civil War Quilt is jus gorgeous and so is Caitlin's are a busy lady indeed!

Beth Karese said...

My goodness, Lizzie, you've been a busy bee. I don't dare comment on it all or it'll be longer than your post! Cute Christmas ornament quilt, that cat looks "tempted". lol. Love Caitlin's cheerful, pretty quilt! Her name on it caught my eye. Sandcastle fabric? Hold on while I Google that... ahh, neat! I look forward to see what you're doing with it. What a pinch-me moment to have Ellie comment! Velvet on your mistletoe leaves? Neat!... it's looking lovely. Your CWBQ is coming together beautifully!!

Francien said...

Oh dear Lizzie ...what a wunderful post and pictures...i always sit in my pj,s with my toast(s) and coffee and read your post first and blow up the pictures to take a good look..its so funny that you have placed your post at 7 and so PM and i am reading it 7 venish AM in the morning and write this at 7PM here in i still make sence?? love the tought that its travelling around the world..anyway..i am so curious about the Avent Swap...the peeks looking good the little Christmas wallhanging...the cat looks great!!and you already know that i think that your quilts are going to be awesome!!The Samsara fabric is so the deep colors..
Thats it for now...gonna close this week...a new one will be open tomorrow much to soon...
greetings ♥ Francien.

Kim said...

See? I am wearing my best "I am impressed expression"! How fun for you. :-) Caitlin's quilt is totally adorable! Love this quilt!

Anonymous said...

My Goodness you have been busy - I'm impressed! There must be more than 24 hours in your day! Cheers, Sue

Lurline said...

A wonderful Post, Lizzie - such a productive time you have been having!
Hugs - Lurline♥

Karen said...

Love your wool and fabric block! I think I need to put that book on my wish list. And, your CWB block is lovely and Elly commented! That is very exciting. Caitlin's quilt is so sweet, as is your Christmas quilt. You sure have been busy.

I like the top of your mini tower better then mine. My internet manual and my receipt box sit on top of mine.

Cathy said...

Oh my goodness Lizzie, do you ever sit down? What an incredible post, where do I start to let you know that I love it all. So interesting, look at your cwbq blocks, I've only done 2 so far, I'm so far behind. Yahoo about getting the cwbq queen to comment, yay! Your blog is so inspiring, and I love Jamie Fraser too! xo

Lenna Green of Stitching Cow said...

Gosh I am impressed with all your beautiful projects. Keep up the great work.
Thanks for participating in my free give away, good luck!

Rae Ann said...

I just found your blog and am so glad that I did. I love your blocks, quilts, just everything!
You have inspired me. Thanks for sharing!

Karen said...

Your post is full of goodies today. I have enjoyed viewing the pictures of your applique projects!

Ivory Spring said...


You are one productive lady!!!! I love all the quilts you are making.

Alice said...

I forget how I came across your blog, but I love its bright colourful pages.

You mention Maldon....we were there a couple of weeks ago whilst spending a week at Kyneton. I love that part of the world....I love Victoria, even though we left there 36 years ago. We took friends with us to Kyneton this year and they loved all the Vic towns we visited, and the history of the place. My husband's very favourite place for morning tea is 'Persephone's Garden' in Creswick. Do you know it?


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