Wednesday, 25 November 2009

Decisions, decisions........!

I'm going to buy a machine quilting frame and I need some feedback/opinions/advice as to which one to buy. At the moment I'm swaying between this Happy Jack Quilting Frame and this John Watts Personal Quilter. I did think about buying a larger one but realistically - will I get anymore out of a large one - don't think so! I'm not looking at doing anything fancy, just want to be able to finish quilts in this life!!!
Does anyone have one of these or another that you can recommend? Any advice as to which one is best for just plain home use. I did think about waiting until the next quilt show in Melbourne but that's not until next March! Can I wait that long now that I've decided to buy one? Nope!!
Just to explain why 'He Who Works' made this very generous offer the other day("why don't you buy yourself one darling") were his exact words. Here is the anouncment I put on my status on my Facebook page on Monday:

ANNOUNCEMENT.............My esteemed other half has a new baby in his life, Bert (Bertie to his friends) Beetle. Found in the 'Home for Lost Volkswagens' and now adopted into a loving, caring home (his words not mine). DOB -1973, complexion -pale (white), date of delivery - Thursday. Father doing well, Mother still in shock!!!!! (no ipod connectivity!!!)

Total spur of the moment thing, was on the way to Bunnings Warehouse (for non-aussies, large hardware retailer), passed the European Car Salesyard on the way and didn't get any further!! With all due credit, he has been looking for a Vee Dub for quite a while and I guess that we always knew that he would buy one if he found a good one! Just not 4 weeks before Christmas!! So I gain a quilting frame (please insert VERY big grin here).

In the meantime I've been making inroads into my Christmas sewing. This bag above is from the Janelle Wind 'Millies Market Bag' pattern that I won in the 'Gum Tree Designers' giveaway. I made this one in mainly 'Authentic' fabric and will be for my daughter-in-law to be, all I have to do is stitch some buttons on this one. I still have two more bags to make for daughters yet.
The pear pin cushions are a dream to make and are from the Fig Tree Quilts book 'Vintage Sewing', I've put tiny red beads down the seams on the red one and left the green pear without. The stems and leaves are wired and I love the scraps of raffia tied around the stems. I think one of these might be a Kris Kringle. I have this gorgeous silver bowl and I want to fill it with these pears and some apple pin keepers for the centre of the coffee table, with perhaps some red and gold Christmas baubles in there too??
I found the instructions for this Christmas Wreath on a blog somewhere, I can't remember where it was but I will find it and let you know. I ran out of baubles and will have to buy another box when I go out but isn't it going to be gorgeous? It's a wire coathanger reshaped into a circle and the balls are threaded on (after a dab of hot glue to keep the little caps in place) until it's full. Twist the wire back together and tie a big bow at the top, hang and admire!! I bought the baubles at a $2 shop and I think I bought 48 different sized ones, I need about another 12 I think. All up it won't be over $20, how good is that? I like that I can hang it in the window and it looks good from both sides!

So it's been a busy Christmasy week, yesterday I gave Caitlin her birthday quilt and she was overjoyed, tracing the stitches with her fingers, yelling at her brother if he approached too close (contamination alert!) and telling her Dad that it wasn't just 'pretty good (when he admired it) but it was 'awesome Dad, nothing pretty good about it' ! Bless her, she does love her Nana :o)

Is anyone going to the 'Daylesford Makers Market' on Saturday? Julie had a great idea, she suggested that any bloggers that are happy to be approached by fellow bloggers wear a pink yo-yo/suffolk puff on their top. Check out Julie's post to read her post, I'll be there with a yo-yo pin on.

I'll leave you today with this little photo of some of my cherished old terracotta pots with their new Summer inhabitants.
Have a great week.


Jeanette said...

Hi Lizzie, i too had this dilemma when chosing a quilting frame. I asked around for peoples opinion & everyone came back as saying get the John Watts frame. I'm not totally sure why but the opinion was it's a better frame than the Happy Jack. I purchased a John Watts frame but what also swayed me to that frame is his shop is around the corner. Hugs, Jeanette

Jeanette said...

PS: forgot to say i love the pears & the bag & the bauble wreath looks good & is a great idea.

Marls said...

Can't help on the quilting frame sorry but did look at the Brindella at the craft show that looked good. Has anyone got one of those.
I love that bag-I'm sure it will be well loved. That Christmas wreath is such a great idea-think I will have to try that.

Rebecca said...

I am pleased to here that you have a new arrivel in the family and I hope the shock has worn off. As for the quilting frame I don't no anything about these two frames although I have heard you will be looking for more after awhile of using them.I have a A1 Elite long arm and love my machine, but what every you chose I am sure it will be the right one for you.
Hugs Bec

Sew Useful Designs said...

As always my darling friend, a thoroughly enjoyable read! Sorry I can't help you with regards to the quilting frame... but "high five"! Congrats! And must admit, I am a bit of a 'Bug' fan myself! I've never owned one but I used to go to "Bug Jam" when I lived in England - a festival dedicated to Beetles... beetle racing, bands performing etc!!! Your photos are lovely Lizzie. Give Caitlin a belated birthday kiss from cyberspace Vikki!

Lots of love my dear friend!
Vikki xoxo

Fiona said...

I want a quilting frame too - I will take advice from you once you buy one :) Your parcel arrived here yesterday - I have been really good and have placed it at the foot of my bed - Un-Opened.... Yours should be there very very soon - I sent it registered.

Fiona XX

Lynda said...


I have a Can-Quilt frame made by Brindabella Quilting (the makers of the Happy Jack, which was designed after I'd bought my frame). The frame takes queen size quilts and has extensions (which I haven't needed to use yet) for king size quilts. The frame was very easy to assemble and is extremely easy to use. So far I haven't been very adventurous with my quilting (mainly meandering, loops, stippling) ... one day.

Janet said...

Talk to Julia from Julia's place, she bought one this year. How exciting, you and Dh will both get to drive something new! Your Christmas sewing and craft all look fabulous. Have a great time on Sunday.

Francien said...

Well dear Lizzie...i cant help you there with the frames...but i know that you make such beautiful and big quilts that you should buy one you can do the lovely quilting is money well spend on you!!take advantage of your DH generous offer before he is sorry he said and i wish him luck with his new VW kever..i drove one for a very long time.... many many years ago....your bag for your DIL is beautiful...she will love it...and could she react differently..her quilt is just stunning!! can do anything were sewing is concerned...and the pears are great...made/making some too and the apples...i made them as pincushions and they are in every room here because i always forget to take them along ..I hope you had a lovely time today...and enjoy your sunday!!
greetings ♥ Francien.

Beeshebags said...

Could you please tell me the name of the 'numbers' fabric around the top of the tote? It would be perfect for a project I need to make for a maths class :o) Hugs Naomi

Nortiness said...

Don't suppose you ever decided which to get? I too want a long arm but am thinking of getting rhe happy jack because I can get one for half price to trial whilst I save for a long arm :/

Chookyblue...... said...

hey Lizzie..........what did you decide to do????
and how is it going?


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