Saturday, 5 December 2009

4 Days of Advent gifts....................

Is everybody else only having five days in a week instead of seven?? It sure feels that way at the moment, I'm positive that I must have lost a couple of days somewhere, if you find them feel free to use them won't you?
This is day two of the Advent swap, adorable ginger bread house templates and little folk to go with it. I always make gingerbread houses, but it's usually just owner builder type, you know, make it up as you go! But this year the kids will expect palatial mansions now that I have a blue print! (The choc's gone of course, yum!)
Thursday's gift is a fat quarter of white on white fabric and a little santa tree ornament.........
Friday's gift was this oh so cute Christmas shopping list pad and a snowman tree ornament. Maybe the list pad will make me more organised do you think?

Today is a lovely tea towel printed with Christmas scenes, I don't think you can see in the photo but it has sparkles on it too, and a tiny, teeny book with garden quotations.
Thank you Fiona, you know me well it seems, wonder what tomorrow will bring :o)

Here's our cedar table all finished and in the dining room. Still has all it's character left on it but it's usable now. Repaired, reglued, cleaned, sanded and polished with beeswax so it smells fabulous in there too. According to a couple of antique dealers that we know, it would probably have been made anywhere between 1895 and 1905, what a gem we have!

Lastly here's a pic of the girls (and me) from my local patchwork group out on our Christmas break up. The young waiter (Rayner I think) at Saffs in Castlemaine took this photo so that we could all be in it. We had lunch there and the food was fabulous, reasonably priced too. From left to right we are - Vicki, Merle, Brenda, Karen (behind), Pam, Eileen, Wendy (sitting), Lyn, Norma (sitting), moi and lastly Di.
Tomorrow we are off to Melbourne for the day with our daughter, son-in-law and the terrible two. On the list of to do's are - Myer Christmas windows, which this year is 'Olivia Helps with Christmas' the Christmas atrium at Crown, some secret shopping by the kids, perhaps the Southbank market first thing. He Who Works is going up the Eureka Tower and out on the Skydeck with Bec, Tony and Caitlin, Ryan and I are staying down the bottom with a good cup of tea for me and a hot chocolate for him I think!! It seems that my grandson has inherited my fear of heights and fast lifts!! And perversly, our granddaughter has inherited her grandads love of anything that even smacks of adventure!! Who knows hey?


Rebecca said...

I to have loss some days but I promise if I find them I will share them with you. Your table looks great and I love all your little gifts. I hape you have fun in the city I use to love seeing the Myer windows when I was a kid.
Hugs Bec

Fiona said...

I hope that you had a fantastic day out and I am so pleased that you are enjoying your gifts. I am loving mine too - Thanks


Cathy said...

Oh I know, I've lost a few days in the week too!!! Maybe they will come back in January? Beautiful advent gifts and what a lovely patchwork group you have. Great way to finish off the year xo

Pokey said...

It's crazy hectic, let's keep pushing to get it all in!
Love the table finish, I've been watching that one!

Francien said...

You enjoy your gifts Lizzie..they are great!!love those wimsical treehangers! and your table is very beautiful done now...they knew their workmanship around that had a bargain there..and what a lovely group of quiltinggirls you seem to be...great picture..
and yes...i too have lost some days...and nights for that matter...all of a sudden i did not know how i should make my Christmas cards...and i needed 27!! would be the first year that i had to buy mojo was gone!!..have it back now but therefor i am in need of arms!! will need all week to finish them now but thats ok...just taking a break for blogging and a cuppa now..and then back to cutting have a wunderful day tomorrow with all the lovely things you are going to do!!
greetings ♥ Francien.

Deb said...

I know that I've certainly lost a few days. This time of the year isn't the best to lose them, is it? I just love your idea of the advent swap. Somehow makes the holiday season a bit more traditional, doesn't it. And your table turned out beautifully. What a treasure you have.

Deb said...

Yep - wish I had a time turner like Hermione from Harry Potter - we need four pairs of hands and two heads don't we?


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