Wednesday, 16 December 2009

Dear Santa..............

...........Those gorgeous girls over at The Fat Quarter Shop have a direct link to the North Pole and you know who. Now we all know just how busy he is at this time of year, Mrs Clause hasn't seen him for weeks and she's worried that his suit might be too big if he doesn't come home from the workshop to eat. He might have to resort to wearing his board shorts and singlet that he wears to come visit us here in Australia!! She's been sending the elves over with cookies, gingerbread, sweet tarts and white Christmas (he got a tasting for it last time he was here) so she's hopeful it will be OK!

Sorry, I digressed for a minute. Where was I? Oh yes, the girls over at the FQS, yes well, they've promised to make sure Santa grants a few wishes by getting him to detour and pick up some goodies for a few lucky (hard working and deserving) quilters. Just have to write him a letter and post it. OK, here goes, hope your listening Santa.........................

Dear Santa,

All year I've tried really hard to be good, it's not easy when you're grown up and think you can do pretty much what you want? I've washed and cleaned, I've mopped and dusted (well sometimes!) I've baked and roasted and I've stitched and sewed. Now Santa, those lovely and generous girls at the Fat Quarter Shop (radar directions to follow) have offered to make things a little easier for you by getting a parcel ready for you to pick up and deliver right to my house (radar directions as above), this should give you enough time to go see Mrs Clause and have a hot meal before you leave. None of this low calorie, none fat business, a good hearty home cooked meal, I think Mrs Clause has a roast in mind, yummo!!

Oh yes, the list, can't forget the list! Welllllll, I would really, really like to have the 'Glace Frosted Windowpanes Quilt Kit' to make for next year, perhaps you would be able to call in and see it finished then?? Also I've had a hankering for a 'Hedgerow Fat Quarter Bundle' by Lynette Anderson (she's an Aussie you know), it's just adorable and reminds me of growing up in the UK!

That's it!! Not too much is it? I'm not greedy am I?

Thanks Santa, have a great trip and watch out for space debris (no one picks up litter anymore!), hope the weather holds out for you and don't forget to go see Mrs Clause before you leave. You know what she's like about clean underwear and everything!!



p.s. turn right at the railway station

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Anonymous said...


You are too funny, I do hope that you receive everything on your list. I am sure that you have been a good girl this year. Maybe....I should dust....just in case! Giggle.

Merry Christmas,


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