Monday, 7 December 2009



Yesterday we all (me, husband, daughter and her husband and two grandchildren)headed off into the city of Melbourne for a day of shopping, oohhing and aahhing over Christmas decorations, wandering up and down streets and alleyways, eating and adventure!! We arrived reasonably early and parked in the Art Centre car park, had a wander around the Southbank Sunday market, then to Australia on Collins for coffee (He Who Works is soooo fussy about his coffee) and a muffin.

This building below was our destination later in the day, the Eureka Tower, glowing golden in the sunshine.
After coffee, over to Melbourne Central for a little retail therapy of the Christmas kind ;o)

Looking up the old Shot Tower into the centre of the dome in Melbourne Central.

Standing under the clock, looking up.

Towering reflections! Don't you just love the way you can see reflections in the buildings in the city?

The golden bees on the side of the Eureka Tower.
Braver men than you and I Horatio.................!! Standing out on the skydeck!

Flinders St Railway Station, the copper dome is gorgeous isn't it?

More reflections, this time glowing in the golden windows! The left of the photo is real, the right is a reflection, cool isn't it?

A fish eye view of the Arts Centre from 88 floors above.

Ryan and Caitlin (he who was going to stay down with me - traitor!) standing right at the point of the building!

John and Bec's feet standing on the sill, good job that glass is thick!!

A pensive Caitlin, taking in the magnificent view....................

Caitlin, granddad (He Who Works) and Ryan

Looking across to Mt Dandenong on the right.
All in all a great day but in the interests of honesty I have to tell you that any photo's taken above ground level were taken by my darling daughter and He Who Works, all those taken on terra firma were mine. They all enjoyed it so much that the only reason they didn't stay up there longer was the fact that I was sitting down on the ground floor waiting for them to come down, they felt they should curtail their enjoyment and rejoin me! Little did they know that I was having a very pleasant conversation with a gentleman on holiday from Malaysia, he was also sitting waiting for his wife and niece to come down. Seems he suffers from the same phobia that I do!! Having said that, I have been persuaded, against my better and wiser judgement, to go up with them on the 20th of this month when they have decided to do it all again!! Madness I tell you!! This next time, youngest son and future daughter-in-law will be joining us, so I guess there will be plenty of hands to carry me down when my legs turn to jelly and I'm on my hands and knees trying to grip the floor with my nails! I am proud of my grandson though, the fact that he was scared silly and still went up gives me courage to do the same, I shall have to hold his 13 yr old hand though, just in case he gets lost you understand??
I shall be back later in the week with some awesome macro shots of my garden and some more of my advent gifts.


Rebecca said...

OHHH I feel dizzy I not good with hights but it looked like all had fun. I love the bees and sow them when I was their last month. I bet they would scare off the grasshoppers. Hugs Bec

Betweens said...

Lizzie.. you just took me on a wonderful Australian tour. I loved the buildings and the different views upper and lower.
Those bees are just awesome!! and the old building inside the new one..WOW.
I can't wait to hear about your adventure on the 20th. Thanks so much for sharing a bit of travelling.

Sue said...

Beautiful Pix Lizzie. I love Melbourne and haven't been there for a few years. I miss it.

Anonymous said...

Lizzie, I am so very proud of you. Face your fears. I am terribly afraid of drowning, but I made myself scuba-dive when we lived in Hawaii for 4 years. Some of the most magnificent adventures of my life. Life is too short to miss out. Those are just lovely pictures. You go girl!


Karen said...

Excellent photos, but I am very dizzy now!

Bernadette said...

No way no how no where!!!!!! I am right with you...down the bottom. However my son who is a bit the same as me bit the bullet and took his girlfriend up there to propose a year ago, very brave he was.

Francien said...

What a beautiful pictures Lizzie...lovely to see...but i am so scared of hights...just a steep staircase makes me dizzy...i would not stand on the matter how thick it is..i would not go up anyway....although the views are spectacular.. but they look good from where i am the bees and the big clock!!
Those who went up there were very brave...and you...wish you all the best for the 20th....go in gear for mountainclimbers...and let them hold you...not just by the hand...ohh...i get dizzy already by thinking i had to do that..for a million $ i consider it...secured with't wait for you pictures of your adventgifts and your lovely garden...
greetings ♥ Francien.

Hi! My name is erica. Would you be my friend? said...

Wonderful pictures! It looks like a beautiful city. Enjoy your trip up next time! Don't stand still too long...just keep walking around! ;)

Deb said...

Fantastic photos of our beautiful city. But I'm with you, I like my feet on the ground.


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