Friday, 8 January 2010


...........or Australian Centenary Event.
Eden (in pink hat) is our third granddaughter and lives in Western Australia, she's a girl guide and was lucky enough to be able to travel with about 200 other girl guides from her state to Victoria to attend the ACE Jamboree. There are 2,500 girl guides from around Australia and the world attending. Wednesday was friend and family day. So being that I hadn't seen her for a while, Caitlin and I took ourselves off and spent the day doing guide things!!
The more activities that you did, the more stamps you gathered, so they did them all. We walked and walked, went from one activity to the next. Looked at displays from overseas girl guides, looked at displays about how to go green for the environment, how guides camped back in the 'old' days of the '60s, displays of uniforms from the 1930's to present day and the future new uniforms for later this year. We did it all!! It was a fabulous day and leaving her behind with her tribe (sub-unit) in the midst of 2,500 other girls was hard and emotional. But she is having a ball, doing things that she will remember for the rest of her life, learning things that will stand her in good stead for the rest of her life and she's only 10!!! Caitlin and I were priviliged to be able to share a small part of her week.
Love you Edie, you make me proud.


Sue said...

Lucky you, a fun day with a grandie is something to treasure.

Francien said...

Yes Lizzie...she will remember it for the rest of her life and maybe this day in particular and so will you!!Must have bin a fun day apart from the fact that you probable was exhausted at the end of that day...
have a fine weekend
greetings ♥ Francien.

taylorsoutback said...

What a great experience for all of you - your Girl Guides must be like Girl Scouts in the U.S.? So many fond memories of camp days and activities. I still have my sash with all the badges on it that were earned...that would have been waaayyyy long ago in the early '50's!
Hold those moments close to your heart.

Kim said...

Oooh, the smiles and the sunshine! How delightful and wonderful this day was!


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