Wednesday, 3 February 2010

The Bride and a Circus...........

Bet that made you look hey?? It sounds more exotic than it is though, it's just my Civil War Bride Quilt. Another block done, this one is the ostrich block. I'm not sure which one I'm going to be doing next in this but I've decided that I like stitching leaves!!!
I watched the DVD that came with the latest issue of Quilters Companion magazine, this one was 'Needleturn Applique' with Robyn Falloon. I really enjoyed watching it and found that her instructions were so clear and logical, I was able to follow it when I came to stitching this block. Her way of doing the points on the leaves just seemed to work for me! So now, I love doing leaves which is just as well, the amount that are in this quilt!
One more block and I'm half way there with the blocks, of course, there's the borders to applique then!!
So this is the circus bit, it's more of a nightmare actually!

At the end of March, the village next door to us (they have the supermarket and chemist etc) have their Autumn Festival, this is where my patchwork group meets every two weeks. As part of the Festival there is a Quilt and Craft Show every year. This years theme is
'All the Fun of the Fair, Life's just a Circus'.

I thought I would make a quilt with a circus theme, I needed to make a quilt for 4yr-old Matthew sometime this year anyway, so circus it would be!! Hmmm, well, the big top was ok, not too taxing and I did have an elephant peeping out from the flap of the tent down where the ball is until a person that shall remain nameless (but he does live here with me - for now!) made some disparaging remarks about the lineage of my elephant!! After some words that are not printable and banishing him from my workroom, I ripped the elephant with the suspicious lineage out!!! Yesterday I bought a colouring book with circus animals in it from the $2 shop and shall now attempt to create a plausible circus elephant.
(just a disclaimer here, I feel I have to tell you that making a circus quilt with a circus elephant doesn't mean I agree with animals in the circus!! I don't! It's just that the quintessential circus is always depicted with animals, so that's what it has to be. OK, 'nuff said on that)
Anyway, I'd like your opinion on the yellow and blue border?? Please!

I don't know what I'm going to do next, I sort of lost the plot with the elephant thing, it threw me off balance and I have to go back to the drawing board for the next border. Once I've got the pachyderm finished in the middle, I should be able to think about the next round!!

A while ago, I think I told you that I had signed up for the new Sue Spargo BOM 'Crimson Tweed'? The first month arrived yesterday. Perfect timing as I had just finished the CWBQ block! I'm getting it all ready to applique today and I'll do it at patchwork group tomorrow, well I will after we wish Norma happy birthday and have some of the choc chip and orange cake with chocolate frosting, that I made for her today........yummo, thank goodness it's someones birthday this week!!!! LOL!


Posie Patchwork said...

Goodness, amazing detail & wonderful work. Thanks for your sweet comments to the winners of my GIVEAWAY, maybe next time for you lovely Lizzie?? Love Posie

Anne-Lise at Rag, Tag, Bobtail said...

Your CWBQ blocks are beautiful. The yellow and blue border round the circus tent is bright and merry, but can be a bit overpowering? So it depends on what you put next to it? Look forward to seeing the elephant:)

Betweens said...

gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous!!! that's what I say love your fabric choices..!!!

Margaret said...

Love your CWBQ progress -- of course! Your circus quilt looks like it will be fun! Can't wait to see the elephant in place -- I bet the first one was just fine! I love that Sue Spargo BOM. Can't wait to see how yours comes out. I can drool to my heart's content watching your progress!

Teresa said...

I LOVE your circus tent, and might I add that you should point your in-house critic to your CWCQ elephant...he's amazing!

If you wanted to avoid the awkward critical moment, you could go off on a clown tangent! You could do an "invisible elephant"..."what, you don't see the elephant?!?" Or maybe just a trail of peanuts...LOL

I love the border as well. Your tent is especially excellent!!

In stitches,
Teresa :o)

Maree: said...

Your CWBQ is coming along your Blocks..

Francien said...

Wauw Lizzie, what a great block the one with the ostriches...i could not do that...bought several books..tried a little flower ones with some petals but it was so ugly done...applique is not for me..respect for you and those difficult blocks...well done are going to be allright with your elephant, you have made one already, thats a lovely one ?!...and i dont like circus...nerver went or like to look at it on tv...but i like your checkered border ...
I am sure you had a wunderful time with your patchworkgroup...
have a nice weekend...greetings ♥ Francien.


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