Tuesday, 9 February 2010

First block finished and who will join me.......

I finished the first of my BOM from Sue Spargo 'Crimson Tweed'.

It was wonderful to stitch and the freedom of sewing with the wool, with no seam allowance was great. I was a bit worried about the velvet as it can fray so easily but Sue's instructions made it really simple. There are some tiny blue dots of wool to go on the light green leaves yet, but they are with next month's block. I like the colours in the wreath and star but I'm not sure about the grey background and I'm wondering if all the blocks are grey wool or is each block a different colour? As all we've seen is a black and white sketch it's a bit of a mystery quilt....? Roll on next month!!

You know that I belong to an online quilting bee ' The Bee Balm'? Well I've enjoyed it so much so far that I thought I might like to join another one - but I can't find one! Bec has the same problem, she's been looking for one to join and couldn't find one either! So I decided to start one of my own, but just for us Aussie girls!! Sorry to all those lovely overseas friends but as you all know, postage just doesn't get any cheaper and when you're posting eleven of something it starts to add up!

The way it works is that we have twelve members and each member has a month assigned to them. Last month on the Bee was Elaine's, and she sent out her background fabric and instructions to make a 'wonky star' block with fabric from everyones stash, this month is mine and I sent out my fabric with no instructions really except for block size! If you have a look here you can see the block that Victoria made for me and you can see the block I made here.

So each person makes a block each month, sends it back to the person who's month it is and waits for the next month. Have I explained it logically?? Probably not and you all most likely have a really good idea as to how it works anyway!! I've had a lot of fun, met some great girls and made some blocks that have challenged me and made me think outside my personal square - but- I'm the only Australian! Ten are from the U.S. and Viv is the only other outsider and she live's in the Yukon, so still in the Northern Hemisphere, well very northern actually!!

Do you want to join me?? Bec is already on board so we just need ten more! It would be great to get started in the next couple of months, so let me know if you want to join in, leave a comment or email me and I'll get back to you.

I'm off to Geelong now, have to go visit mum and hope it's a good day for her, it's too hot to be doing battle with her memory (or lack of) today. I also started Tai Chi this morning, new for me but I really enjoyed it. Thank goodness for airconditioning in cars is what I say, stay cool everyone...............


Margaret said...

Oh what a lovely block! I hope you end up liking the background fabric colors -- looks pretty so far! Must be so nice not to have to worry about seam allowances! Is the background wool or cotton?

Good luck with starting another quilting bee -- I think it's wonderful that you're enjoying it so much!

My grandfather used to do Tai Chi -- and when i was little I had no clue what it was. I just knew it was what Grandpa did. We kids called it "slow motion." lol! I've since tried it myself -- it's good exercise, right? I should try it again sometime. Follow in my grandfather's footsteps.

Have fun!

Sue said...

I would like to join in. I understand the concept and think its a great way of getting to know others and challenging what and how I sew. Looking forward to being part of your quilting bee

Tara said...

I'm so glad you're starting another bee!! I'm still planning a 2nd, but can never seem to get the same 12 to agree at a similar time! I hear there's a site--swapbot or maybe even on flickr where there are always people that would like to join a bee, so maybe advertise there?

I'm thinking hard on your block and think I'm going to use the same mini-charm pack for my block that you used--then you could add some of it for continuity is you needed. I need to post a picture of my finished top, but it's visiting a friend so soon!

So glad to have made this connection through our bee!

Sue said...

I think I can handle another challenge Lizzie. Count me in please for your Bee. What fun and it might be just what I need to get my mojo back.
I love your wool block BTW

Marls said...

You wool block looks great.
Would've loved to join your group but am moving back to NZ in a couple of months. Hope you get your numbers.

Micki said...

Beautiful block Lizzie...It is charming. Good luck with the bee.

Karen 'n Chris said...

Hi Lizzie,
I would love to join your Bee, if you will have me. I have participated in block swaps in the US and the postage does get very expensive. I have also made blocks for Helen's Snuggly Bug Rugs. I read lots of blogs but I am very new to the act of blogging so havent yet figured out how everything works.
It is still disgustingly muggy here in the outer south east of Melbourne. Hope it is cooler there now.

kayanita said...

I too was concerned about the gray background for Sue Spargo's Crimson Tweed quilt. Still am. Now I wish I had waited to get more blocks before I started. I guess Christmas is still red and green to me and I live in Seattle, the pacific NW which is gray anyway. Oh well, I'm tryingto have faith that it will turn out okay. I am changing some of the rust colors to red. Gotta have that red. Don't know how to get pictures onto my computer. So---- no pictures to show. Someday. I'm in awe at everyone's ability to use their computers, I am so computer illiterate.



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