Tuesday, 23 March 2010

It seems I'm wanted...................

.....................by the German Government no less AND the FBI wants to compensate me!!!

So the latest scam email to do the rounds it seems, purports to be from the FBI, oopps sorry 'THE (FBI)'!!!!

Honestly, how gullibly do these people think we are??

Anyway, I thought I'd give you all a laugh on this bright and sunny autumn day.................

From: Mr. Harry Hill
Date: 03/22/10 23:38:02
To: undisclosed-recipients:,
Subject: THIS IS THE (F.B.I)


FBI Headquarters in Washington, D.C.
Federal Bureau of Investigation
J. Edgar Hoover Building
935 Pennsylvania Avenue,
NW Washington, D.C. 20535-0001


Attn: Dear Funds Beneficiary,

This the Federal Bureau Of Investigation (FBI) We are writing in response to our track light monitoring device which we received today in our office about the illegal transactions that you have been involve in for a long time now.

We understand from our general investigations that some con men from Nigeria has been ripping you off your hard earned money with the pretense of dealing with ATM CARD Company that will deliver a Card to you and the proposed amount which was to be transferred to you is the sum of $5,000,000 Usd as stated in our record here.

We also got a complain from our German counterpart stating that your identity/information's was used to dupe a German business man to the tune of $400 Billion Usd by some Nigerian Fraudsters which you have been in contact with for some time now.

The German Government has ordered for your urgent arrest regarding the crimes that was committed with your name,after all the series of investigations conducted here in our office we tracked your record and we found out that you have never been jailed or had any fraudulent case that may jeopardize your image and personality.

All this information's are on record and we are going to use it against you in the world court when this case will be brought before it and we called the Nigerian High Commission for an urgent compensation for the bad deed that has been committed with your name.

The Nigerian Government has made available the sum of $9 Million Usd for your compensation and then we would like to inform you to stop any further communications with the con men so that you will not be brought before the law..

We also discovered that you have made some payments to them earlier for this same funds that was to be sent to you.

Don't forget that all your properties will be confiscated as soon as you are jailed because it will be believed that you got them from fraudulent and dubious business transactions like the one that you are in right now.

We have forwarded a copy of this information's to all the states crime agencies including,

National Crime Information Center (NCI
CrimTrac Agency, Canberra,

Crime and Corruption Commission

Crime and Misconduct Commission

Home Land Security Service.

Economic And Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC)

Nigerian Local Metropolitan Police (NLMP)

So all you need to do right now in other to clear your name from the scammer list which has already been forwarded to our office is to secure the CLEAN BILL CERTIFICATE immediately.

This Certificate will then clear your name from the scammers list and also after the Certificate has been issued to you, you will then forward it to the payment officer for the urgent transfer of your compensation funds of $9 Million Usd.

You are required to forward to us your private contact number for oral communications and don't forget that you will be given only 72hours to secure the CLEAN BILL CERTIFICATE or you will face the law and its consequences.

Your e-mail address is now under our e-mail track monitor, so you should make sure that you don't respond to any e-mail that is being sent to you from anybody or organization that claims to be working for the Nigeria Government.

Never you forward any part of our contact with you to the con men and seize all further communication with any ATM CARD Company acting for the release of the funds to you.

Forward the details of the payment you made to them earlier, and also all the information's/documents that was forwarded to you by those criminals that you have been in contact with for a long time now.

Get back to us as soon as you receive this e-mail so that we can guild you on how to secure the Certificate within 72hours.


Thanks as I wait for your response

Mr Harry HILL

......I might ask if I can be guilded? in silver this time..............



Val's Filigree Fancies said...

What a load of CROCK - I am so sick of these emails but must say I have never had one from the FBI LOL - I usually get the Spanish Lottery ones, telling me that I am a gazillionaire - thanks for the laugh :D

Kim said...

Oh for Pete's sake...spam catcher should have deleted this without you ever seeing it.

Margaret said...

DH loves to read these spam emails. He's eternally entertained by them. He hasn't shown me this most recent version yet. lol! Pretty amazing!

Jo in TAS said...

I don't usually read them, I hit delete instead. This was quite entertaining, I might have to read them just for a laugh!

Julia said...

Now that's a new one...from the FBI no less..
Oh Lizzie, you have to laugh and then hit the delete button..
They must think we're stupid!
Julia ♥

Sue-Anne said...

Ha Ha! We've been getting a lot from Africa lately concerning millions of dollars they want us to look after for them!!!

By Hoki Quilts said...

Agent Harry Hill must be in the same office as Dahlin Chow who told me that I had been left over 1.2 million by a relative that I have never heard of and all I have to do is send my bank details and password - yeah right, as if?
hugs, a brighter spark than they

Lynne said...

Surely the poor English is enough to warn people! Unfortunately, some people are so gullible (or desperate).

Anonymous said...

A good laugh! I got three or four emails from a blogging friend... wanting me to send her money cause she was stranded in some weird country. And when I sent an email to her telling her that someone was sending weird emails to me via her address... I didn't hear anything back! So I hope she's alright!!! ;)

Michele said...

Now that's FUNNY. I don't know what the author's first language is, but I don't think it's American English. Does anyone actually fall for this ruse? Hard to believe. Michele (Not with THE FBI)

Teresa said...

Oh good grief...they didn't even spellcheck the false document. It's NOT American English! Crazy, crazy, crazy...and why they think using the FBI would make anyone outside of the US want to comply...

How dumb to some of these people think we are?!?

I was so sorry to read about your hubby's attack...that's just so shocking. A nice man, just doing his job...what is the world coming to?? Those kinds of things seem to be happening here as a result of frustration with the recession...is your area troubled by the global recession??

Anyway, I hope he heals quickly so people won't whisper about "your left hook..."

Give him a hug for me!

Micki said...

Now, that's a good one...I usually get emails that I won a large sum of money. This one was quite funny!

prashant said...

He's eternally entertained by them. He hasn't shown me this most recent version yet. lol! Pretty amazing!
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Anonymous said...

i got 1 of those stupid emails, its retarded as all hell, whoever wrote it cant even spell right!!!


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