Wednesday, 4 August 2010

What do you think.....?

You know that I'm a camera addict don't you? Addicted to carrying a camera around with me everywhere! I love my Nikon DSLR and prefer to use it over any other camera, but it's so awkward carrying it because it's quite large, as are most DSLR (compared to point and shoots) and all my camera bags, and I have a few, are dark and quite masculine really!!

I've been looking for ages for a camera bag that I can carry most of the time, looks good enough to use as a handbag, doesn't scream 'look at me I'm carrying expensive camera equipment', fits my purse (wallet) and all those bits that we ladies have to carry and is comfortable on the shoulders.....!!!

I know there are a couple of places online that I can buy lovely camera bags for women, all are in the U.S. and quite expensive when you add in postage, insurance and the fluctuating exchange rate..!! Only one out of the three I liked is handmade, the other two started out that way and are now relatively mass produced, as in made off site by a manufacturer, made from fake leather, very good fake leather but still that's what it is! . The handmade one is for sale on Etsy and is lovely but has quite a long waiting list and is very expensive, gorgeous but not ideal. Paying well over US$250, going on a waiting list, then waiting for it to arrive is really off putting!

So I decided that being a bit of a bag lady AND a camera addict the only thing to do was to make one............... here's the first in what I hope will be a range of three or four camera bags for women.

..inside view. There are removable sections all padded with half inch foam and wool batting. It holds my Nikon D70s with lens and strap attached, my Nikkor 70-300mm lens, lens hood and various filters and extensions..

I've put little pockets on the inside for memory cards and to pop the lens cover in when you're using the camera (I'm forever putting them in jeans pockets or worse still on top of a rock or wall!!) There is a pocket for notebooks and stuff that I always seem to carry around, a couple of slim pockets for a spare pen or two and plenty of room for tissues, purse and whatever!!

You can see how much room is inside and the dividers can be taken out if you just wanted to use it as a straight out handbag..

I've put feet on the bottom so it sits when you put it down, the fabric is upholstery fabric and cord so its strong and can be lightly sponged.

... and the handle is strong but very well padded and long enough to go across your chest. It can be shortened too to just carry over your shoulder.

I'm not trying to sell you one, although you wouldn't know it would you ? :o)

I'm just looking for some feedback and honest opinions. Do you think it's a feasible idea? If you use a DSLR would you be interested in a camera bag that was also a bit fashionable and that didn't advertise that you had an expensive camera in there? Would you be interested in a bag that you can use everyday, that you could carry when you're meeting friends for coffee and that doesn't look as if you're off to do a DJ fashion shoot...?

I've been working on this for ages on and off, it's taken a while to work out the size, how to do the padding so that it's not bulky, how to do the handle/s for comfort and practicality. I had to be able to take my camera out and 'shoot' (yes, that's what I've called it) with the bag on my shoulder.

I didn't set out to create a camera bag for professional photographers to put all their gear in. I set out to create something that we female photographers, both pro and amateur, bloggers and snap happy mums, sisters and grandmothers could carry around our cameras, a couple of spare lenses, filters and memory cards without feeling that we are carrying around a suitcase......!!!

I have another style nearly finished, I'm hoping to show you that by the weekend. I'm also hoping that this rain will have cleared by then so I can go outside and 'shoot' some photo's in good light to show you how the whole bag looks.

I'm excited!!!!

So, would you mind very much giving me your thoughts, ideas and your usual wonderful friendly support..!
Thanks   :o)


Anonymous said...

Well done. Looks good in the pictures, would like to see it for real. I like the idea of removable sections which makes it more versatile ....I don't have an SLR - yet - but it's on my wish list...

Linda C said...

l like it!! l want one!! What a great idea. Like you, l get sick of carrying both a handbag and a camera bag, especially when travelling. Being able to combine both is great.
l am coming to Ballarat next friday for the weekend, on the Ballarat Retreat. Are you going to be there? Then l can have a first hand look and feel.

susi said...

i like it,and i want one ,too,i have a nikon d50,and i think that is as big as your nikon d70s,but i love my camera and it has to follow me everywhere,have a nice day,hugs,susi

Sue said...

The bag looks great Lizzie. I've been looking a one another blogger has made for herself recently but your's seems to have lots of practical features.
Will you be doing them as kits and patterns too?

blueberrylane said...

I would love a ready made one :)It looks great.

Anne-Lise at Rag, Tag, Bobtail said...

Just what I need,too. Looking forward to seeing more photos and your next model. Will you be taking orders soon? I'd certainly buy one!

Sew Useful Designs said...

Lizzie - honest opinon - I think it is ABSOLUTELY FANTASTIC! A great looking bag, stylish, chic... with all the necessities - as you would know! I love the design, I love the padded removable compartments but the fact that there is room for a purse, notebook, phone etc... so like you say, it doesn't look like a camera bag. I always feel conspicuous carrying a big camera bag - you know what - it would be great for familes who take their video camera everywhere too! I WANT ONE! Honestly Lizzie, you're on to a winner! Fantastic idea! I love, love, love it! :-)

Hugs! Vikki xoxo

Janet said...

great idea. It looks really neat. How big is it actually?

Margaret said...

Fantastic! I think it's a great idea! I don't have an SLR, but if I did, I'd want one for sure. :D I'm going to send a link to this post to a friend of mine who loves photography too. :D

Teresa said...

I've enjoyed catching up with your blog upon returning from vacation...your camera bag ideas, baby Mali, and the beautiful "Gypsies in the Square" (LOVE the name!)...lucky couple!!

I hope you are feeling better!

In stitches,
Teresa :o)

Frances Leate said...

What a wonderful bag and I absolutely love all the attention to detail you have taken. I am sure it will be a great success. At the moment I only have a point and shoot but I am working on my camera skills.

I'm gonna tell Mom! said...

Beautiful, brilliant! I love a bag with feet.


I'm gonna tell Mom! said...

p.s. LOVE the labels!

Maree: said...

I Love it..I would certainly buy one from You...I need a Bag for my little Digital & it looks like Too much Work for Moi...Great Job!!

Jody said...

I just LOVE this bag, Lizzie! It has everything - the details are exceptional! And OMG - the little feet! Bravo.

Robin Hill Quilts~Eileen G. said...

I can see why you are excited~your bag is chock full of great storage nooks for all our bits and pieces~My camera is pretty straightforward but it was expensive and I worry about it getting bounced around in my pocketbook~
Love the name! You are clever....
I will stay posted to see what is next...

Jen said...

As I read your introduction I was thinking to myself..."You are so clever Lizzie, why don't you make one".
Voila! Next paragraph, there you are, you've gone and created something that will be admired by many I am sure.
I love the copartments and that you can take out the dividers if you want.
I love the colours you are're right, all those bags we saw in the shop were masculine.
This prototype smacks of individuality with a sense of colour and practicality.
Well done dear're on a winner with it!
PS. Please put me in the queue if ever you decide to start selling them.

Micki said...

The bag is lovely! We have a Nikon too, and Joe is the photgrapher of the family.

kiwicarole said...

I'm another fan of your new camera bag! I must agree that by the time I get my camera out to take somewhere, and my wallet, and a notebook, then decide I better take the other 2 lenes, and tissues and, well, the list goes on and I feel like I'm packed for the winter!!
Great idea, love it!

Tassiegal said...

Gorgeous. Seems very similar to the epiphaniebags but in a cloth with is great. LOVE the feet on the bottom - nothing worse than putting your camera bag down and then finding it damp.

Charlie M. said...

Well, that's lovely! I asked my husband, also. He has an Olympus E (something?) and it has some BIG lenses that are a pain to carry. He said "Is she going to sell a pattern? If she is, get one." (He likes to help me make things on my sewing machine.) I think it's a "keeper" (pun intended).

Leanne said...

Hi Lizzie, We are travelling at the moment and I made myself something similar before we left I have found it so much better than lugging 2 bags. The lovely wide shoulder strap is really comfortable.

I'm Deborah..... said...

Lizzie..... beautiful bag.... great idea.....need one of these myself.....can't wait to see your next installment.....clever woman!


Sew Create It - Jane said...

Looks great...and the best thing is that it doesn't scream "I'm a camera bag...mug me!" I bought a muffin top camera bag and I love it as it looks like a diaper bag :o)

Monty said...

Lovely bag. I've just started creating mine. I like also your blog. I'll come back soon, now my blogs are having a rest. Here in Spain is summer and kids are on vacancy. From spain Monty.
Ahh I also have four children.


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