Sunday, 26 June 2011

Just a chat...

Somebody recently described me as a 'chatty' blogger..! It's not the first time I've been labeled as such and I have to tell you that I'm good with that description..
I guess I am really, I love blogging, love my blogs and the time I spend flitting around the globe visiting you all. The Railway Man is very tolerant, if he's looking for me he looks in my sewing/computer area first, he knows that housework comes a distant fourth or fifth to other, more interesting and creative pursuits..
I've even been known to forget all about cooking a meal because I've been wrapped up in something, phew, thank goodness I have a very well stocked freezer full of home made meals. That really comes about because of the hours he works and the fact that I've never got over cooking for a family of six!! You know I take meals down to Mum and Dad every week, so I do 'tend to put the extra leftovers in containers, pop it in the freezer and Bob's your uncle (well, my brother actually) but you know what I mean..!
Anyway, I thought I'd just pop in for a chat today. The Railway Man is outside pulling weeds, he's on holidays for the next four weeks so the garden should be just about weed free when he's finished. We're not going anywhere, just maybe a couple of day trips with the puppies, visit some markets and country towns perhaps. There's some work we (I use we as in the 'royal we' of course, I will supervise :o) want to do in the house. Put a new front door in and take out the sliding glass doors, we're waiting for an ebay auction to finish this afternoon for some beautiful French style farmhouse doors, keep your fingers crossed for me 'cos I really want/crave/need/love them...!We want to create a little hallway, close in part of the verandah so that it's usable for most of the year, a couple of trees have to come out in the gardens, etc, etc....
So today the sun is pouring in through my window, it's really windy out though and the weather channel says the temp is 8 but the chill factor here is -3, so the best place for me is here talking to you...
(oh don't worry about the Railway Man, he's well wrapped up and there's hot soup on the stove)

I've been stitching my random blocks, I really like the one above and I might put some embellishment on this one, we'll see..

I started this one the other night, it's only 6" square and it's from Sue Spargo's 'Flowerbed' pattern, very cute..

Some friends and I went to the Creswick Woollen Mills on Wednesday, we had a great day out, lovely lunch, then ended up at Gails Patchwork in Sebastapol. I've never been before, even though it's not far away. What a fabulous shop, full of fabric, trims, ribbons and heaps more....
I'm on a diet, did you know that? Noooo, not a food diet, I couldn't do that, but a fabric diet..! I'm trying really hard to not buy anymore fabric until after the end of this year...sigh!! I did buy some little things, not fabric, but some ribbons and wool thread..

I've been wrapping my ribbons and bits of cotton lace on bobbins so I added the new velvet trims I bought. I'm going to run out of bobbin room soon I think..

I've been sorting all my hand/home dyed recycled wool into containers too. I've still got another blanket out in the laundry waiting to be dyed too. Hmmm, I might have to look at selling some so that I can make room for some more.. :o)

I want to use some of this lovely linen in these quilts too, there's a red too, I wonder where that is? Told you I couldn't food diet didn't I, mini Oreos, yum mm!
Oh yes, knew I had something else to tell you! Go and visit my niece Kylie here, she's a new quilter this year and she's already finished a couple of lovely quilts. I'm sure she'd love to have some more encouragement, we can all remember starting (well I can't, I'm getting old you know) to quilt, and especially looking out for comments so that you know you're not talking to yourself when you start blogging..tell her I sent you, thanks :o)

I'd better go and look enthusiastic about the weeds hadn't I..? 
Make some lunch for the worker..?


Sue said...

Nice chat Lizzie, I enjoyed it. We have so much in common. Fun stuff instead of housework etc.
Did I spy a box of purple fabrics in your stash?
Enjoy your RR man's holiday and don't wear yourself out supervising.

Faeryfay said...

Hi Lizzie, I love those random blocks -the birds and that tree! Gorgeous!:-)

mdgtjulie said...

Ah, Lizzie, you can never have too much fabby, lol. Glad you're having some time to spend together (even if you're supervising) over the next few weeks. Enjoy it while you can!!! Your quilt blocks look lovely, as always. Do you have charts for them, or do you do them off the cuff? I've never quilted, but I like to look at other people's quilts!!

Sue-Anne said...

Hi lizzie, I know what you mean about getting used to cooking less. It was ok when Nic was home because he just kept eating till it was gone but now whatever I cook we seem to be having it two nights in a row!

Love your random blocks and good luck with the auction.

Julia said...

I agree Lizzie..How does one cook a small lasagna? we eat some and freeze some..
Love your blocks..fabric diets are way too hard!
Julia ♥

Jodie said...

I love your wool work Lizzie, I'd love to see it up close.
I have one more week of work and then holidays - lunch at Millrose ???

maybe even macarons at cake ?

baukje said...

I love to chat with you. While reading i had the feeling you were beside me and we were drinking tea together. It's such a pity that we cannot meet in Italy...... Love the Sue style blocks, at the moment I am working on the BOM blocks of this year,outside, under the tree, because it's so HOT!!! It's even better inside ....The french old houses have thick walls, that keep the house cool in summer.Have a good crafting day and give your railway-man a hug.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Aunty Liz. I admire your work all the time! I especially love the quilt you did for Grandma and Gramps 60th wedding anniversary. I will send you an email asking what material to use for photo quilts?? Thanks for your help.

Francien said...

Here come some "feathers" for your imagenairy hat from me Lizzie....and you so deserve them...i just love your blogs and the post on make the most stunning quilts...photograps and tell us great story`s about your live, cooking,quilting would be receiving a award for the most fabulous blogs from someone every day i guess....i am always looking forward to your posts...and i mean it..i get inspired by this one with Sue`s pattern...i would like to try them with my "normal"fabrics...maybe that will work too...
And my DH likes to leave me alone too when i am in my "hobbybench" he won`t even come in... but he is well taken care off too and he looks after our animals...
So you please keep your posts coming Lizzie...and i am going over now Kylie..i remember when my first reaction came on a post after the first few 0.... and loved almost 9.00 o clock at your place..have a lovely evening and a good week...greetings Francien.

Margaret said...

With your blog posts I can just picture you at home all nice and cozy with your man outside pottering around. 4 weeks off -- wow, that's a long time! Lucky guy! I wish my guy were handy like yours. I need lots of doing around the house, but my guy is only handy with computers. Ah well. Love your blocks -- they are so cute and pretty! Nice wool storage too, and ribbon too. I always love seeing what you're up to. Off to visit Kylie now. :D

beebee said...

Good morning Lizzie,
Love reading your chats. I have never been able to stick to a fabric diet. I'm trying to stay on one but it's difficult. Sounds like its very cold there. Our temps are in the high 90s with a heat index of 103. I guess we both are staying indoors for the same reason...the temperature outside.
Chat later!

Kim said...

I for one appreciate and enjoy the chat, the sharing of the bits and bobs of life at your house. Hope all home projects go well. Railway Man will look forward to returning to his hobby - I mean work - for a rest from this holiday, lol, but it's the way life works here so seems perfectly normal to me. :-D

Anonymous said...

Hi Lizzie. I enjoy your blog. Your work inspires me to use some of the wool I've been collecting.

MulticoloredPieces said...

I live in the country, too, but in Tunisia. Love your appliqué--it's delightful and fun. I decided long ago to do machine quilting so I had more time to hand appliqué! Thanks for sharing!
best, nadia

Nancy in MT said...

Lizzie, wanted to tell you how much I love and adore your Cremson Tweed quilt also. And you quilted it so fast. I'm taking your idea to my fabric room for storing all my ribbons on antique thread spools, and to think I've just been letting them, the spools and the ribbons just lay around. I like seeing what I have, not tucked away. Collecting beads from Sue and need a visual storage for them. Thanks for the comment on Jim's Cross quilt.

Sew Useful Designs said...

Nice chat sweetie - was just like bieng on the phone with you - you are so real! :-)

Not sure which is the hardest - a food diet or fabric diet? I'm trying to resist both at the moment - but that's quite some ambition to wait until the end of the year! :-)

Enjoying having your man at home sweetie, sounds like you're going to share some lovely times togehter!

Hugs! Vikki xoxoxo :-)

Julie said...

yes, you are a chatty blogger.... one of the many reasons i so enjoy your blog.
lovin' all that wool and the trims are pretty special too.

Sandra Henderson said...

This is one reason I LOVE your blog SO!!!! Keep chatting away and showing us your beautiful photos! :)

You should know that I don't normally like blogs that have too many words... BUT YOURS!~ha~ I can read alllll day long


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