Sunday, 15 July 2012

Not much happening...

...around this house in the country at the moment. I've been working, the railway man's been working, the dogs have been doing lots of sleeping in front of the fire and the weather is still cold, wet and miserable.....

I have done a little sewing though, yesterday was the second day of  the Irene Blanck (Focus on Quilts) Botanika workshop and I managed to finish all the appliqué on my blocks from the last class as well as piece the background squares for the new blocks ready for the needleturn and wool appliqué on those...

this is the last of the four blocks from the last workshop. I finished another last night but haven't taken a photo yet..... can see it unfinished in this shot of my messy workspace yesterday..How is it that I have to take two bags of stuff with me to make one block..???? It's like a security blanket I think, can't go without having choices just in case I change my mind on the fabrics I might use....weird!! 
Anyway, you can see more photo's here on Irene's blog....

So..........a foreign country.........a convent...........and a quilter.....!!!!

the country is Italy, the convent is a B&B in Orvieto and the quilter is Sue Spargo........!!!!

Sue (from Millrose) and I are going to Italy for a week next year to do a workshop with Sue Spargo..........oh my, are we excited!! You can check it out here..

so look out Baujke, we're going to meet in Italy!! I'm going to hop over to the UK to visit some relatives after Italy, so I'm hoping to meet up with some blogging friends there too. It's going to be an exciting year I think...!!

See you later..

Monday, 2 July 2012

In front of the fire...., because I've been battling a head cold for the last week, the rain hasn't stopped, it's cold and miserable, so I thought that I would sit and sew, watch a couple of chick flicks and sip on hot chocolate....ahhh, it's been lovely!

I think I told you that I was doing a workshop with Irene Blanck of In Focus Quilts a while ago, well the second day is coming up at the end of this month so today was a good day to stitch the third of four blocks that have to be done before then..... ...this is the maple leaf block that I did today, I've still got the stem to stitch down, I've done this in wool as I've decided to introduce a little felted wool into the blocks from now on...

 ...this one.... ...and this one...
were the first two I made on the day of the class...the next block has a sprig of tiny leaves and I'm hoping to get that done in the next week or two. 

 thanks for all your good wishes for my birthday this weekend, we had a lovely day on Saturday with the kids and grandkids, lots of noise, food, coffee and hugs...couldn't ask for more.. ...the railway man bought me snapdragons and stock so my kitchen smells of spring, which is nice considering it's the middle month of winter with days full of the above mentioned cold wind and rain!! I love their little snappy mouths, when we were kids we used to stick a finger in and let it 'snap'...! I was very spoilt at work too yesterday, with not only beautiful roses but a yummy breakfast next door at the cafe, thank you Sue, Raj, Michelle and Peggy for singing happy birthday and entertaining all the breakfast customers.. :o)

I wanted to share this link with you....the lovely Abbe from here is opening Victoria's newest quilt retreat it looks amazing and I can't wait to try it out and spend a weekend there with some stitching friends

I've also got some exciting news to share soon I hope, it involves a foreign country, a convent and a quilter....stay tuned..!!


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