Thursday, 22 November 2012

Where have the days gone..?

I wonder where this year has gone, I can't believe that it's nearly december again!! not that I'm complaining mind you, december means summer here which of course means sunshine and warm days...bring it on! I'm so over this long winter with it's cold winds, rain and grey skies, can't wait to walk on the beach and soak up some vitamin D..!
It's been a while since I posted last I know but that's the way things seem to be all over blog land at the moment, everyone's busy so I thought I might do a catch up chat tonight, haven't had a chat for months, where to start..?

I have managed to get some sewing done...
 trying to catch up with my sue spargo BoM, this is the February block nearly finished...only nine more months to catch up on before next years starts in January.. ;o) 
not going to make it am I..? hehehe 

 I've also got this one to get finished...

we're doing this one as a BoM at Millrose next year so I'm trying to get most of the blocks done for the sample...

block one
and three 

earlier in October we (the railway man and I) invested in some new chairs for our lounge've heard of taste testing haven't you...?

  ..well, this is sit testing.... yep, we can keep this one, it's nice and comfy thanks...!!

but then I don't know why I bother, they own the furniture after all...!! :o)

 I took this shot on October 31st... a fabulous halloween sky, the storm that came with it was a good one too.. 

 our youngest daughter Sarah had her graduating art exhibition on Nov 5th.. 

see that gorgeous copperplate etching (I think that's right) of the little lighthouse with the 'quilt' of stars in it's beam (#137)?? well that one came home with me and it's sitting very nicely on my sewing room wall now. 

 and this one is... Imagination....

I really wanted this one too but it was sold when I went back after the official opening, I was terribly upset until I discovered that it was my brother that bought cool is that, I can go visit it in his house!! 

 Oh yes, I didn't tell you about this baby did I...? yep, came home with me a few weeks ago. I haven't had much time to give it a good workout yet but I'm in love with it...

 I think that's about all the chit chat around this house in the country at the moment, busy, busy, busy little bees we've been.... 

but wait...I can't forget to show you our other baby again..... Miss Madeline at two weeks old and just gorgeous :o)

alright, gotta go, happy thanksgiving to all my american friends, enjoy the holiday....


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