Sunday, 10 February 2013

just some more photographs....

I seem to be updating my blog monthly at the moment..! I had a lovely talk to a customer at work today who said she read my blog regularly!! There hasn't been much to read lately has there?
Not much happening sewing wise at all....! I've been waiting for this years BoM 'Bird Dance' from Sue Spargo to arrive but it seems it's disappeared into the ether of US/Aus post.....

There's a replacement being sent tomorrow with the February block so I shall have to work doubly hard to keep up with the others won't I?

My 'creative' year has a definite lean towards creating photographically so far so some more of my 113 in 2013 shots.....

#11 A Rose

#15 Droplets or Dew #29 Bicycles #55 Solitude #68 Vehicle #69 White #93 Upside down

I'll come back and show you the rest that I've done another time....I'm nearly a quarter of the way to my 113....the prospect of actually finishing all of them is very exciting...!!!

I'll hopefully have some sewing to show you soon, better get back into the swing of things I think. It's taken a while this year to get myself organised and up and doing...!! I'll get there......

C U soon..


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